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Do you have a Living Will?

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I found this.
You can copy and paste these according to your state (USA) or any other document and print it out.
Sorry, don't know about anything other than USA.
I printed two, made one for hubby to do the same.

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Yes that's a splendid idea. I did one for myself, had it notarized, and it will stand in the State of Washington. I also made provisions for Sasha (at that time) and now will add in little Saba.
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Yes I have a living will. A few years ago, one of my friend's father was shot and hooked up to life support and I saw the pain they had to go through to have him disconnected because he didn't have one. Right after that, I had one made up and thankfully my parent's had one made up.
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I have a dead will but not the living will. I'm going to have one made up after following the Terri Shaivo case. I have mixed feelings about her situation but I know what I'd want done.
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Yes, I do! No feeding tube, no nothing except to keep me out of pain. I want to die with dignity.
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what is this supposed to mean....
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i just clicked on your link and it said nothing found.
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Sorry, enter Living Will in the search bar.
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I have one, even though I am only 28 years old, I feel it is essential to have one. I watched my dad die of cancer at the ripe old age of 44, so you never know what can happen. And watching his plight, which was the saddest thing I have ever gone through, I want to make absolutely sure everyone knows what my wishes are, as we didn't know his. So I told my wife that I do not want to be kept alive if there is no hope of recovery, where to bury me, and to move on after I'm gone...
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I do not have one yet, but yes the Schiavo case has made me think twice about it. My mother and I have talked about it in the past. After her initial diagnosis and surgery, she, her husband and I had a long heart to heart, and she named him her medical POA (I had reservations, but he WAS her husband and should have been primarily responsible) They never talked about his wishes, though, and that made it tough on mom when she had to make the decision on his behalf.

Now that mom's health is slowly (thankfully VERY slowly) deteriorating I think we're due for another family meeting, just the two of us. . .
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I do not have one, but the Schiavo case is yes, the perfect reason why. I want my wishes regarding life support to be known and clear. Relatedly, I have made my wishes about organ donation clear to pretty much everyone I know, and it really bothers me that it doesnt matter how I feel about it, your next of kin still gets to make that decision, regardless of expressed wishes/donor cards.
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Ill get one eventually, I dont think im going to die until at least 60, maybe 50 but thats final. And on the Teri Schaivo (i think that how you spell it) case, I dont see why they dont put her feeding tube back in, Im not very updated so tell me if im wrong, anyway,I dont think that she'd want to die that way, at least die with honor. I rest my case. lol
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