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Ive clicked links from all of the Helpful behavior sites, but I cant seem to find one for this.

My 2 year old cat, got fixed last monday (not yesterday)

Today she slammed into a screen, knocked it out and ran off, (shes an indoor cat) 45 minutes later, I find her rolling around on the ground meowing like she did when she was in heat a 9 months ago, a lady tried to pick her up for me, she attacked her, I pick her up, and she attacks me, using her teeth for the first time ever, drawing blood from my hand. I bring her inside, and she attacks all 3 of her 7 month old kittens. Shes been growling, and making very weird sounds.

I called the vet, to see if maybe she could have gotten hurt (she still has her stitches in, until saturday) They said that she is healed by now, and theres no way she could be hurt internally, and that she shouldnt even be in pain anymore.

I put her into a room by herself to calm down, at first she was running into the door, trying to open it, then started scraping her claws on it. She stopped, and about 2 hours later I go in to check on her, go to pet her, and she attacks the living crap out of my hand, drawing more blood.

The vet says theres nothing they can do, but I cant very well go on having my cat attacking everyone every chance she gets. Anyone else have any similar problems?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have not had similar problems, but I would set her up in a room by herself for awhile and maybe invest in a Feliway air diffuser to calm her down.

On a side note make sure to clean out you wounds very weel and keep a close eye on them, cat bites are notorius for causing major problems.
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Personally, I would try calming her first, giving her time to settle down, maybe keep the lights low, a little soft music, food and her litter box, something with her smell, rather like she was a new cat again, Feliway too as was suggested. She could be just very scared being she is an indoor cat, but if she doesn't calm down soon I would certainly insist the vet see her. When she slammed into the screen was that abnormal for her? How can the vet say there is nothing wrong if they haven't even examined her? Could she have hurt herself when she was outside? Could there possibly be some sort of infection, although I'm sure most cats recover nicely it is surgery and the possibility of infection is always there. Could she have gotten hurt or roughed up by another cat when she was outside? Even if she is pretty well healed, if a cat got rough with her I would think it is still a sensitive area; you said she still has her stitches? Perhaps that is why she escaped, another cat outdoors? Keep us posted.
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Ive tried both of these suggestions, Shes calmer, but not normal yet.
(calm her down and Feliway)
Shes an indoor cat, but every now and again we will let her out, to go wander around, so shes no stranger to the outdoors.

Slamming into the screen door, was VERY abnormal for her, she normally just meows when she wants to go outside, I dont know what came over her with that one.

I dont know how my vet can say nothings wrong, I think my regular vet is a wacko. I called around, even to a specialist, they all say shes probably just scared, but its 8pm now, and shes not really back to normal. Ive scheduled her an appointment tomorrow, just incase shes not better by then. (Shes not attacking at site now, only if you come near her, or touch her anywhere)

A lady had spotted the lady helping me find her, and said she had been out there the whole time in a bush, and no other cats were in sight, so Im not exactly sure.
One vet mentioned to clean out the stitch part, because maybe dirt got in there, and its hurting her, did that.. oh boy she hated that, but shes still acting weird.

Shes always been an aggressive strange cat, but this one has just thrown me for a loop, thank you all for you suggestions/support, Ill let you know how the vet goes tomorrow.

Until then, Im keeping her in the room with me, and away from her babies, last thing I need is them getting attacked too!


Oh and I cleaned my wounds, but boy am I going to have scars to show for this one!
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Havent got any suggestions Laura, just to say that I hope that she calms down and that you dont get hurt again. Debbie.
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I'm wondering if it couldn't be a side effect from the anethesia?
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I thought about that, but not generally a week later, her body should have processed that out by now.
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Not to scare anyone, but after Eby's spay, she stayed exactly how you describe your cat to be. The only thing anyone could come up with is that she suffered a small stroke while under anethesia. We took her to a charity place, and not only did they butcher her, but they overdosed her on anesthesia. She couldn't walk for four days, and afterwards would attack me randomly, and went after house guests as well. The only person she was sweet to was my mother. We had her for 9 years before she passed, and she was the most intelligent cat I've ever met. She just wasn't so friendly....
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