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Didn't get the condo.

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I'm not much in the mood to talk about it because I have now been accepted and then turned down twice by the seller.

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I'm so sorry to hear that Katie!
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Aww I'm sorry - something will come your way
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im sorry to hear that katie
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Whats up with that-do they want to sell or not?????????
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oh katie! I am so very sorry. But when I read your post I had this really, really strong sense that it was not meant to be at ALL and something is protecting you right now. Please have faith my dear.
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I am so sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating the housing market can be in this area. I was really hoping it would come through for you.

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Oh no, I'm sorry!
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The real estate game is a hard one to win sometimes. Don't despair though, there is something better in store for you
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Sorry to hear this but I think things happen for a reason......something else will come up!
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I hope the meantime, I'm moving into another rental unit this weekend. The lady I'm renting through is really nice.

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I'm so sorry Katie.

However, if this woman is already waffling, she would have been a nightmare during the process. The whole thing is hard enough, and frankly, contract or not, either party can back out right up until the closing date. Good riddance to her. I really think she would have messed with you all along the way. Something better (with a better seller!) will come along!
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There will be something good around the corner. I lost the first one I made an offer on, and then found something better!
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Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry. For reasons we do not yet understand, this is exactly what was meant to be! This was definitely not the place for you. The perfect place is going to open up for you at exactly the right time!
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I'm so sorry. I agree with the others. You'll find a better deal soon.
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Keep your chin up, Katie!! I agree with everyone, too. Something wonderful is coming your way!!
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Katie, I am sorry to hear this seller has been messing with you. Real Estate really is such a battle, especially in NoVA right now. To second what everyone else has said, this was not meant to be, but something better will come!
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