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Trying to unite new cat with the family

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We recently adopted Simon, a one year old neutered male, as a companion for our three year old spayed female. Both are strictly housecats. The previous owner said that Simon was an outgoing and loveable cat that had a tendency to be shy around strangers. He was very close to his sister who was given away previously the day before. I'm sure that he is grieving for her as well. It has been three days and Simon is still in hiding. I don't know if he has eaten or not but food and water are available. We have tried to make frequent attempts to pet and talk to him but he will not emerge from his hiding place willingly. Our female cat does not seem to mind his presence. I want to make his transition into our home a happy and healthy one. If someone could recommend a few helpful tips to help Simon overcome this new era it would be most appreciated and also a criteria for how long I should expect this behavior to linger.
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Hi feral,

Welcome to the forums. A few suggestions. You might want to put a radio in the room with classical music playing. Leave a nightlight on in the room, one that turns on when it gets dark. Every day, go in and sit on the floor with some catnip or kitty treats. If he is still under the bed, look under the bed, look him in the eyes whispering softly that it's okay and blink your eyes slowly. This give the cat reassurance that you are not there to hurt him. Try throwing a couple of treats under the bed and leave a trail to where you will sit on the floor. Then just sit on the floor and keep whispering to reassure him. Don't make any fast, jerky moves as this will scare him. I use this method with ferals (wild) cats that I socialize. I also used it on a very shy and scared munchkin who now comes looking for pets and kisses.

As far as time, I can't tell you how long it'll take. It's going to take a while. And patience is the key. It will not happen over night.

Good luck. Le me know how you make out.
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Sometimes it can take a week or more for a traumatised cat to come out. Change is very difficult for cats. He will come out when he feels he is safe. I would put some food,water and a litter box close. They can be moved when he is feeling more at home. Sometimes they will sneak out at night when all is quiet to venture. To help the transition, sit on the floor next to where he is and talk gently to him. I would do this several times a day if possible. If he comes out to see you, let him sniff you and go from there. Maybe even offer him some food while you are holding it. I am sure it will all work out..
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