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Loving Cosmo

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Obviously when Comere passed away last week it was very hard on all of us, but especially my 11-year-old daughter...

But as you can see, her and Cosmo are forming a very special bond...

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How very sweet. I am happy that she and Cosmo took to eachother so fantastically well.
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Oh, how so cute! I'm sorry for your loss of Comere. He must have been special!

Cosmo is adorable! He is very pretty! He looks so much like one of my outside cats.
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Aw how very sweet!
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AWW... I read your post and I almost cried ...
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Awwww, how sweet.
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Awww, what a sweet picture!!
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Aww..sweet pic!
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awwwww beautiful!!!

how is Cosmo settling in?
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What a beautiful photo
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Thanks everyone...

Cosmo is settling in wonderfully. He's made his place in our home for sure... greeting us with meows when we come home and following us around for attention. He loves to follow from room to room and just be where we are.

His "cat skitzo" time is about 9pm - 11pm. He loves to play and race around the house like a madman. He's also taken to watching the birds in the late afternoon through my sliding glass door.

His cutest trait is clearly laying in my arms like a little baby. He just loves to sleep there for short periods of time (20 minutes max). He lays in the crook of my arm with all his legs stretched out and his head on my shoulder. It's about the cutest things I've seen!!

I'll have more pictures soon
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He is so adorable...Your post is so sad though! That picture too my breath away.
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Sad, but also happy. Cosmo is a shelter rescue, so we gave a nice kitty a new home where he'll get a lot of love (as the photo proves). We were very sad to lose Comere, but he had a wonderful and long life - he was about 18 - and could not have been loved more. His death was quick and he didn't suffer long. I miss him so much, but I know he's at peace now and he knows how much we love him.

So I'm a half-glass-full kind of gal. It was his time to move on, and Cosmo's time to move in.
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Yes, you'll always have fond memories of Comere. Now with Cosmo (and his skitzo cat time!) you will have a great many more!
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That is such a sweet picture. I love cuddles.

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Amy, that picture is amazing. There are such beautiful rays of light shining down on your daughter, as if Comere were smiling down on her that very moment
I'm so glad that Cosmo has settled in so nicely and that he is helping your family through your grieving.
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I couldn't have put it any better than Amy! It looks like Cosmo and your daughter are already becoming pals. What a gorgeous photo of the two of them.
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That is such a great picture! Your daughter is beautiful, and so is Cosmo. It's wonderful to see the obvious love you've captured in that picture.
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what a beautiful picture...
just stunning...I am speechless
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That is a lovely picture, they are beautiful together.
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