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Cute pic

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This is a picture of my 6 month old kitty Loco looking for a toy to play with in his little toy box. The one behind him on the floor was chosen then tossed aside as he went to search for another one. He does this all the time
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Cute pic! We have a box for all the cat toys, too, and they will stand at it as if they are trying to choose which toy to play with!
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Loco is on a mission! Thank you for sharing that fabulously-cute photograph of your beautiful cat!

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Woweee!! look at the tail on that little fluff ball!! ha ha ha....cute piccy!!
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I know! He has the biggest, fluffiest tail I've ever seen! When we got him as a kitten, he appeared to be a shorthaired kitty, but as he grows so does his fur!!
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Little Loco is absolutely fantastic ~ Love that tail too!!
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Loco is "Precious" We have a cat with a bushy tail like that. Her nick name is "Squirrel Girl:
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Awwwww, he is just too cute!

My 5 month old kitten has a tail like that too. His name is Puffy (for obvious reasons).

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Cute picture. I wonder if Rascal is going to look like him. Is he a domestic shorthair, domestic medium hair, or longhair?
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Nena- He started out looking like a Shorthair, but he looks like a longhair now! I was really surprised
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Wow I say wow....what a tail. You can enlist Loco's services for dusting. That looks like my Piper (she still is even though she now lives with Mom & Dad) looking into toilet - hehehehe
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Oh how cute!!! I am so jealous of all you orange cat owners...I want one so bad....how pretty he is! Thanks for sharing the picture with us!
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