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Rag dolls ?????

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Have any of you seen rag dolls in the stores around you? I collect them, and for some reason, I haven't seen one in ages! I used to pick up quite a few at craft stores, but I can't even find any of them anymore! Hello RAG DOLLS?? Where have you all gone?!! LOL
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Susie, any particular kind, style, size?
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what are rag dolls?
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Susie, any particular kind, style, size?
Well Cind, I have all types, but mostly country, (country patterned dresses) with yarn for hair. All different sizes. I'll have to take a pic when I get home and post them.

Jerry was teasing me because I hadn't brought one home lately, but I truly haven't seen any. What happened to all the craft stores??? i've gotten a few at craft shows that I go to, but I haven't seen too many there lately either.
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i had to look up on google!
i have one at home at my parents, i have to get rid of some things so if you are interested in it (ill take a pic and show you before hand) you can have it
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Ok, I know what you're talking about, just wasn't sure if they were regular rag dolls or Raggedy Ann and Andy types.
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Oh Fwan, that is a sweet offer, and thank you, but this is in no way a thread looking for people to send me things......I've just always loved dolls. I even have one from when I was a kid, a Holly Hobby doll........She must be 30 years old........
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well i rather give it to someone who would cherish it, instead to someone who would hide it away in a box.
And since i havent seen any sort of salvation army id rather give it away to special people on TCS.
But since you collect it you may even have the same one!!!!!!!
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That's a very sweet offer Fwan. Maybe you should keep it and pass it down to your daughter one day?
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Here are some of my dolls....

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great collection you have there
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That's a great collection, Susie!

I love Holly Hobby! My whole room (when I was little) was decorated with her! I even still have my scrap books of her!

I made my own rag doll when I was little, we used to be able to buy a fabric with all the body parts printed on, so you could just cut out, sew and stuff! I don't know if they do it any more, but I loved making rag dolls!

Maybe you could make some yourself?!
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Another possible source would be living history events. Some of the merchants who attend these activities in historically accurate fashion also carry historically accurate merchandise.

Fort Meigs at Perrysburg, Ohio usually has a really big 'time-line' living history event around the third weekend of June. It is close enough to you that you may wish to stop over for a day and check it out.


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