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How do I make a bumpersticker?

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Hi Hi,
I have a silly craft problem that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks. I really really want to make a bumpersticker for my new car. I know it's silly, because what I want to do is make one that's like the one that "Comic book guy" from the Simpsons has that says "my other car is a millennium falcon". I found the picture on the internet, so I have what I want, but I'm not sure how to protect it and make it sticky to withstand the harshness that a bumper can dish out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
My boyfriend complained that I make fun of him for being a nerd (he's such a computer nerd) but that I can embrace my Simpsons and Starwars nerdiness. Doesn't he understand that it's just cute when I do it, and that I'm dating him because I think nerds are hot? Sheesh, some people's kids!
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Aren't there places that custom make bumper stickers? The key is that you need that sticky vinyl and probably a special printer to print on it. We had such a device at my last school.
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