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First Expo for Francis!!

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Hi to all! I'd like to share something about little Francis, my female Scottish Fold.
Well, she just took part to her very first two-days expo and
got both Ex 1 (Excellent) and Best in Show (kittens 6-10 months),
both yesterday and today! So seems like even though her ears are not
perfect, her structure and quality is fine enough. Both judges
particularly appreciated her wonderful eyes and the roundness of her
face! Wow wow wow!!
Now she's playing and relaxing, and I should go to bed for another
couple of days after all this excitment!!
I try to attach here a pic of her at the Expo (with ears pushed backwards -. she was so nervous!!) If you'd like to see more pics of her, you can always check her site below.

Thanks guys!

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No picture, I see. Here it is (I hope):

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What a cutie!! Not surprising she did well with that little face.
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AWWWW SINOPHILIA!!! I absolutely ADORE scottish Folds!! they are just sooooooo unbelievably cute and gorgeous and yummy....and ...and....oooo I get carried away!! they are one of my most favorite cats in the world!!! I WANT ONE!!! snif....
Shes gorgeous and Im glad she did so well!! YEY!!
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Looking at that little face, I think she should have won ALL the prizes.
Congratulations to you all!
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What a cutie! Love those soft, folded ears and that round "teddy-bear" face. Yes, those eyes are dynamite!!!
Sinophillia; I am sure this is just the 1st of many "successful" showings for Francis. She seems to have an excellent disposition also! :

Does she have a "Kilt" and a "family plaid" (?) Perhaps she springs from a long line of Scottish Princesses!
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I love love love this pic!!!!
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Thank you guys, Francis is a really funny cat and though she doesn't like to be touched very much she coped quite well with the expo experience...
I just took a new pic of her and I want to show it to you.
Here she is:

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That is a very striking pose!
Thank you for sharing
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more pics of Francis! more pics of Francis!!
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She's beautiful! I've got an American Curl whose ears are also not so perfect. They have a 1% curl to them. But I love her so much. She's a tiger tabby with the tail of a raccoon. Very shy at times but loving. Once I get my digital camera, I will post pictures. You can see her on the "cat pictures" under "Carly".

I showed Carly at a couple of cat shows under Household Pet simply because she didn't quite meet the specifications of a purebreed, even though she is.

Thanks for the pictures!
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Wow, I'd like to get an American Curl sooner or later. Francis's breeder had a wonderful black American Curl kitten. But they're so rare and expensive here in Italy.
Where's carly's cat page? Cannot search by name.

airprincess, please check the link in my signature to see more pics of my kittens. I don't want Anne to get angry because I post too many images here in the forums!

I love to take pictures of them, even though they're always running around!!
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Hi Sinophilia

I'm so sorry I didn't see this thread! Your Francis is absolutely gorgeous!!! Oh, how cute she is! I love her! Look at those cutie yootie, baby waby eyes! :laughing2!!! Don't you just love kitty language! :laughing2

Her eyes match her coat...so, so pretty!!! She has a great disposition doesn't she? I can see that! It's so good to see you here...I never get to see you anymore and since my computer had a virus, I lost your email addy. BUT...I guess I should've thought to email you from here! :laughing2...I wanted to continue to chat with you regarding our Italian backgrounds.

I hope I get to see more of you here and by the way, Anne doesn't mind when you post your pics that way...it doesn't affect her bandwith whatsoever...so post pics baby! :laughing2 We love 'em!

Love ya,
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