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here's sky

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here he is sleeping (surprise )

and another

look mum, im just like a teddy bear

with my curly belly

wow, is he wait, maybe not

i'd just finished brushing him

waking up for some food
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What a cuddly, bundle of joy.
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OMG Carrie he's just gorgeous!!!! When did you bring him home, today?!
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thanks i bought him home on friday night, he seems to have settled in
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He's settled in very well i'd say! He's gorgeous!.

Hows Socks with him?
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at first he wasnt impressed at all
but last night when i was in bed, all i could hear was the 2 of them darting up and dopwn the stairs i was made up , he's a lovely cat, who couldnt love him.
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wow, cute! a seal point?
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Awww Carrie thats great that their friends so quickly!

Get some more pictures when he's awake!
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trust me i'm trying.....its just kinda hard to catch him awake
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thats soo cute
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such a gorgeous boy! how old is he?
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He is beautiful! I cannot wait to see his eyes though!!! I bet they're gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
such a gorgeous boy! how old is he?
he's 7 months old just like cable
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he looks bigger! must be the fur - Cable's is very close-lying (DSH) - basically no undercoat to speak of!
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Wow! He's So cute and Fluffy! Hehe...
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He's Handsome, I love his curly fur. *Must rub belly*
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Awww, he's so precious!!!!
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