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Hello Everyone!

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Just found this sight, while doing some research and thought I 'd register.
I'm proudly "owned" by three cats.

Katie, my oldest, is almost 12. She's solid black, a real beauty. I've had Katie (also known as Baby) since she was a tiny kitten. I was stationed in Belgium in the military when I got her. She was found roaming in a neighbor's garden, with no mama cat in site. Before acquiring Katie, I was a confirmed dog person, didn't know much about cats at all, but my baby girl won me over quickly. So, when I returned to the states, there was no question she would come too.

Today, she's still very healthy and active. Loves to play chase, lounge in the sun on the porch and watch birds from the window. She's very shy around
strangers, but very affectionate with me - a total lap cat.

My middle "child" Gracie, is almost six. She's a beautiful tuxedo, with an
adorable black spot on her nose. I've had Gracie since she about six to eight weeks old. She was rescued from feral colony, the only kitten in her litter to
survive. She and Katie get along well and enjoy birdwatching together from the front window. Gracie is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses.
She also rather demanding, but too cute to ignore! She's great at catching bugs and loves lettuce as a treat. Weird! Her nickname is Little Bug.

My youngest, and newest addition, is Peter, an eight-month old
gray and white guy. He was also rescued from a feral colony, one of litter of seven kittens, and the last, along with his, sister to get adopted. I was involved in socializing the litter. Peter was the most timid of the kittens, hissing and cringing in his cage when someone reached in to pick him up.
I had no intention of adopting another cat, but fell in love with the little guy.
He's been home for about two months now and has blossomed into a sweet,
playful young cat. He loves to torment his big "sisters" who have been fairly tolerant of his arrival. His nicknames are Crazy Pete and Petey Pie.

Sorry this is so long, but that's my cat family. Will post photos soon!
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Welcome to the site! I loved the descriptions of your three kitties. Bless you for taking these kitties in off the streets!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!! I was also a dog person and had 3 at the time I got my first cat (Princess) almost 10 years ago. Then came Patsy (who was abused then abandoned before I got her). Sweetie is/was a feral that was born in a shed at my Grandpa's house that after 6 years of socializng is now pretty friendy. George was a stray that showed up one day and never left. My last cat Blackie who was also a feral that I socialized and is now a total lap cat.

I can't wait to see pictures of your babies.
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you, Katie, Gracie, and Peter to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know each of you better! Your babies sound so precious, and your love for them just shines forth! I sure am looking forward to seeing pics of your family! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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welcome, post pictures and enjoy yourself
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A warm welcome to you and Katie (aka Baby). Gracie (aka Little Bug) and Peter (Crazy Pete/Petey Pie) !
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A warm welcome to you, Katie, Gracie and Peter! Love their aliases and nicknames!
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS Eilcon! Hope to see pics of your kitties soon! They sound too sweet!
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