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Moving to new home - help!

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my wife and our two cats, django and snoop doggy dogg, have been living for 5 years in a converted RV home (doesn't move, just sinking into the ground) on a beautiful small plot of land. the cats have their own little ramp system to get in and out of the front window, they have their bed up in the pull down bed above the old driver seat. and they love their terriorty outside to hunt gophers and other various little trespassers. now, we are being forced to move b/c the owners are selling the lot. however, we are being offered a small cottage to move into in the next door neighbor's property just about 100 yards away. which could be great b/c they still would have their stomping grounds to prowl. but i'm wondering if this will still be pretty upsetting for them, losing their home and having to settle in a new one that is completely different. my question is this: what's the best way to make our cats comfortable with this new move, a new home? how can we best minimize their confusion and disorientation?

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I don't think it will be that big of an issue since they already know the area. Show them where u keep the litter boxes, food and water dishes. They will sniff out the new place and thats that. I'm sure the outside area is territory they have already checked out before. I think pets have a much harder time moving into TOTAL unfamiliar territory or perhpas from a country setting into a urban one.
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If you do move to the spot 100 yards away, I think youĺl be fine. Theyll still know the territory.

My cats back in October had to move for the first time, they hated it, but they were also forced to drive around in the car till we got to the new one.
If you dont move to the one in the same area, all I can suggest is that you watch over them as they are outside, some tend to get lost (or mine are just really dumb!

Ours hid alot on the new place, (first 2 days) and when they werent hiding they were sniffing around trying to see the new place, they took it rather well.
The older cat, wasnt happy for a few days, but as long as youre around them, and they see a friendly face, be sure to pet them, (so they dont think it was a punishment) they should be fine.

Cats catch on easy, so either way, it shouldnt be all too bad. Good luck!
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thanks, folks. we're hoping it's just a 100 yard move. if not, we'll be moving a good ways away, but in that case we would probably be moving our RV-home to another empty lot location, so at least they would still have their "home", if not their territory.
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100 yards won't make much difference to them. For longer moves, it's best to keep the cat confined to one room for a few days and gradually introduce him to the rest of the house. After moving, cats should not be allowed outdoors for a *minimum* of 4-6 weeks (that's if you let your cats out at all). This is because cats form extremely strong bonds with territory - bonds that are often stronger than those they have with their humans - and they frequently run off in search of their familiar home. So they need a good long time to acclimate and learn that this is their new home.
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