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What Other Kind of Pets do You Have?

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I was just curios about what other kinds of pets people had besides cats.
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I have four Bettas (siamese fighting fish) as well as my four cats. My fishes names are Caesar, Titus, Omega, and Thaddeus.
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Besides our cats, our family includes, Frankie and Cookie, Siberian Huskies, Ardie and Boots, retired racing greyhounds, and Sukie the St. Bernard. I am a representative for a group that places greyhounds and people can't believe that greyhounds and cats can live together. I'm not saying all can, but my group (and a few others that I know of) do what they call "small animal testing" which is a test of a greyhound (in his basket muzzle and on a leash) in a room with a cat or small dog to see if they are interested in the small animal. I've even got one of my abys living with a few other greyhounds, an italian greyhound and since his mom fosters greyhounds, he gets a variety of others to rule. And I have to say that he does a good job of it. BTW, she is one of the others that makes sure her greys are small animal safe. So that's our family or as my mom and friends say my small zoo.

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Griffin, I have 22 cats, one German Shepherd dog, a misplaced peacock (people moved, he lost his mate so he pines for her in a tree by our creek) and a horse. I also take in orphaned and injured wild animals (raccoons, skunks possums) to send them on their way to rehab.
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now that i live in the city, I have one kitty (Breeze) and fish, aome gold fish and some tropical ones too (they are quite a lot of work for fish!)

I used to have quite a lot of animals, Goats, sheep, the odd deer, horses, dogs and of course cats.

Chee & Breeze
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I just have four cats at the mo...but I have previously had...dogs, fish, rabbits, guina pigs, and about a bizillion hamsters!! I love hammys and would love to get one...but alas, hubby says "they're smelly" which is not true!! (he only thinks that cos they never cleaned theirs out when he was a kid!! gross!!)
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Besides 4 cats, I have 9 fish tanks. I breed some of them and sell them to pet stores..
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I have 12 cats, 2 dogs, 5 Duprasi, and 2 hedgehogs. I used to have a rat, but she died of old age recently.
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In addition to Puffy and Muffy, I have a Black Lab named Daisy and two very large Oscar fish.
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We have 5 cats, and 2 fish tanks!
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I have a fire-bellied newt. I got her 18 years ago, but I don't know how old she was then, so she might be over 20. I'm not even sure she's a she. If anyone knows how to tell a newt's gender, please let me know. It would be neat to know what s/he is.
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Ok lets see.
There is Banjo he is a cattle dog cross dingo, Shhhhhh dont tell him he thinks he is a very hairy human.
Then there is Fred out Brush tail Possum, yet another attitude person
Used to have a ferret called Jean-luc ,the youngest one owns a wolf spider called Harry.
Thats about it,oooops almost forgot the husband and ferals.
Tish +5
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Other than my 5 kitties, I have a Red Retriever and fish.

I have, A strawberry tetra, Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios, Albino cat fish, Barbs, a little tiny water snake (Cooli Loach) and some fish that suck on the side of the tank, that i don't know what are called.

Oops...I also have an albino Catfish, and I use to have 2 lizards, Anoles. One died of natural causes and the Other one ran away.
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5 cats
1 Siamese Fighting fish - Dragon
1 Huskey/Shepard cross that my parents wouldn't let me take when I got married (they kiss him more then each other LOL) - Wizard
1 Husband (requiring the most work - just joking)
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2 cats, 2 kids, and one very dependant husband.:tounge2:

Ps. Would love to get an aquarium eventually, but not too sure of the type of fish I would want. I hope to get educated and then purchase one perhaps for Christmas next year.
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Kitties and a cute boy, that's all!

I've looked at getting fish, but all the ones I like are a lot of work, and I'm just not gonna do all that for a fish.

I want dogs, and bunnies, and well, just about any other animal you could name. I love them all, but not really in a position to have any others yet, money and time wise.
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My two cats, Sadie and Soltie, are the only animals I have now, and they prefer it that way. Use to have a boston terrier (Molly) but she passed away--I think these are the best dogs. I had a husband but took him to the shelter and someone else adopted him . Last I heard she was thinking about taking him back.
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Besides the two cats, Gabrielle and Tifa, I have a Springer Spaniel called Mattie, and 5 guinea pigs - Cricket, Wookie, Snowball, Peekaboo and FeeBee. I want to get another cat or two, but right now Gabby is stressed out so that is on hold. I hope to get another dog in the future as well, maybe a horse.

In the past I have had horses, hammies, bunnies - I am a real animal lover!!
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Originally posted by MissyC
I had a husband but took him to the shelter and someone else adopted him . Last I heard she was thinking about taking him back.
I can't stop laughing that is so funny!
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I have 3 cats. One Siamese, one black and white one, and my oldest who weighs a hefty 16 pounds is all grey.
I have one black, pure bred registered pug, named Otis. My cats torture him everyday and I know they live just to make him suffer. Would love to have a fish but I know they would find some way to torture it too. Must say the cats rule this house!
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I only have my cat Rascal. I used to have an Irish setter named Sunny, and a german shephard/chow mix named Sandy. Also, I used to have a couple of gerbils. I would love to own dogs(rotties, golden retrievers, bischons, and many mixed breeds), horses, iguanas, and parrots and parakeets. Cockatiels would be very nice. Maybe other cats.
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Well, Sparky and Blackie are our cats, we just inherited a white one named Fred and of course there is Marmalaide our part-time cat, assuming he finds us in our new home.

Besides them, we have a suagr glider, Riki. He is in the "other" category because he is a marsupial. That means the babies are born into pouches, like kangaroos or possums, so he is NOT a rodent. I think he is very squirrel-like, though he resembles a large hamster in many ways too, but those ARE rodents.
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I have my 2 kiddins, Sammy & Miko, 7 months old, 2 rabbits(had 3 but 1 died the day before my husband got laid off...that was a great week)Merlin & Gwen, and my horse Teddy he is a 22 year old Apploosa. I LOVE all my animals so much and have had Teddy the longest(15yrs).

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