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Do you make promises to your kitties?

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In November of 2002, we had some very bad tornadoes here in North Alabama. Normally when they start giving severe weather like that, we pack up the kitties and head for our store, its much safter than our mobile home. This night, however, for some inane reason, we didn't pack the kitties, just got ourselves out. When we came home that night, one of those tornadoes had passed between us and our nearest neighbor, about 1/4 of a mile away! There were trees down everywhere, and we had to walk in a half mile in the dark and rain to get to see if we even still had a home. The closer we got to home, the more trees were down, and we started seeing peices of sheet metal in the trees from the reflected lightning.......if you don't think we were terrified, you're badly mistaken!

But, when we got home, the only damage to our trailer was the fact that the one parked about 10 feet behind it that we were remodeling for me to use as a sewing room had been picked up, bounced off the back of ours and sat down, smashing our heat pump under it. (The guy who came out to reset them both told us that if it hadn't been for the one in the back, ours would have been gone, it was, it scooted ours about 5 feet forward on that end).

Needless to say, I was so relieved to get home to all my kitties safe and sound! I made them a promise that night, that no matter how bad mommy felt, if she left because of storms, each one of them would go with her. I refuse to put them thru that alone again! That being said, since we're predicted to have strong storms and isolated severe tornadoes, the kits are here at work with me today!

Do you guys ever make promises like that to your kitties, or am I the only wierdo around? (And yes, Ryan, if you read this, I am wierd, I know!)
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Oh Cindy, how scary for you!! Im so glad you have your babies with you today. I make promises all the time. Just last night, Jerry and I were going to the store, and Trixie was waiting on her perch for a treat. I patted her head and told her to wait there, and when Mummy got back, she'd get her treat. Well, we were gone a half hour, and walked in ,a nd there she was, waiting for her treat. LOL They all get one a night, but she would take 10 if I let her.
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Oh yeah, I make promises every day & night.

Scary tornado, we get those in this area but not as bad as yours. We have a tornado plan and a fire escape plan. And it does certainly include the kitties!
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Oh Cindy i would have had them in with me as well!

I don't think i've made promises to them, apart from when i leave in the morning i kiss them, then give them my normal sentence which is "Be good girls for mummy, and be nice to each other and i'll see you both tonight!".

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Wow, Cindy, I thank God for watching over your home and your babies! How scary! Yes, I make promises to my sweet girl all the time! I've promised her a special Easter basket for instance!Sometimes when I leave for work, I'll promise her a special treat when I get home, or because I'm off tomorrow night, that we're going to spend the whole day together!Even as simple as she knows she's promised her bonito treat when we get out of the shower!
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yes i promise my kitty about his treats
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Yup, I do. Usually about when I'm coming home. And I really feel guilty if something comes up at work and I have to work through lunch and can't come home when I told Trent I would be.
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I always gather mine up for severe weather. Luckily with Dopler Radar you can see when to go get them. It will be fun with five of them.

I only bribe them to be good occasionally. Then they get a treat.
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Originally Posted by captiva
I always gather mine up for severe weather. Luckily with Dopler Radar you can see when to go get them. It will be fun with five of them.

I only bribe them to be good occasionally. Then they get a treat.
Chris, try it with eight!
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I always promise my two girls that I love them more than any other kitties in the world and that they'll get treats if they've been good while I'm gone. Typical meowmy stuff
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I also make promises to my kittys. It can be for many reasons, for example if I do something wrong i say to them 'I promise i wont do that again' or if I have to shut them out of a room for a particular reason, I always say 'I promise you can go in as soon as its ready'. And the list goes on.....

Eviecat hates being left so if I ever go out (whcih isnt that much) I always promise her mommy will be back and you'll get a big hug and a treat. And when i do return there she is waiting for me and then follows me into the kitchen and through to the pantry to get her treat....Bless her!
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I make promises to Meish all the time. LOL When she ate the christmas ribbon I kept saying "if you poop it out and don't have problems I'll give you tuna"... she did so I did. LOL
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OOO, Cindy! Scary, indeed!

Yes, I make promises to them all the time. Promises about when I'll be home, in general, but also with Cindy, promises about cuddle time. She so often comes looking for attention just when I'm in the last throes of getting a meal on the table. And it's quite usual for me to say, "OK, Bun, Mum's making dinner for Daddy and Mum. When we're done eating, Mum'll come and sit with Cindy for a while. OK?" and when I clear the table, there she is to hold me to it, and we have our cuddle, and then she goes on about her business and I about mine.
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I promise my cats things like "If you get off of the counter now...I wont lose my patience." They dont really care...but seriously I do promise them I will be home, and I kiss each and everyone of them, even matter how hard she fights! I promise treats too, for good behavior. Funny. I never get good behavior, but they always get the stinking treats.
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Do you guys ever make promises like that to your kitties, or am I the only wierdo around? (And yes, Ryan, if you read this, I am wierd, I know!)
Cindy... we all know you're weird.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Cindy... we all know you're weird.
See, I knew it would come sooner or later!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
See, I knew it would come sooner or later!
Am I becoming predictible or what?
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
Am I becoming predictible or what?
I think "or what", lol!
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Oh, Cindy, how scary! I used to live in Oklahoma.. right smack in the middle of Tornado Alley, so I know how it feels. That was before I had my kitties, but I had a dog. We left my Thunder one time during bad weather. Well, we named Thunder appropriately, because, he was terrified of thunder. LOL! Anyway, we left him home, and I felt so bad, I promised him I would never do it again! And I didn't do it for the rest of his life. Thunder

I made a promise to Billy once. We gave my Billy kitty up for adoption once, and it was the hardest thing ever! He had attacked us twice, and we decided to give him up so he could live on a farm or something. Well, two days passed, and we missed him so very much, that we went down and got him back! We got him neutered, and have had not a single problem since, except his ever so annoying curiosity! LOL! But, I will always remember a special moment with him at the shelter. I saw him in his cage, and he was miserable, but when he saw me, he perked right up, and came meowing to me! I started to tear. After we got the paper work done, I went in and got my Billy, and the moment he came to my arms, I picked him up, gave him the biggest hug imaginable, kissed him, and said, "Never again, Billy. Never ever ever again! I promise! Never again!," and gave him another kiss.

So, no, you aren't the only one to make promises! I am very glad to hear that you, your kitties, and your house are okay. God continue to bless you!
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You know I wondered if you were ok!! I saw the satellite weather nut that I am, and said, gosh, those are really ominous-looking cells over Alabama and Georgia. I even checked the barometer reading in your area and hoped you were ok!!!

But yes, I make big prmises and little ones. Like after Sasha was mauled, I promised we would take care of him forever and never let him feel pain again. I also promised him we would move, so he could have a better life outdoors. And I make little promises to Saba, like "mummy will play laser mouse with you after dinner." and I don't dare break that one.
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Everyday I promise to love and cherish them and if they are good (and even when they aren't ) I promise treats.

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Heehee, Jelly is so talkative that I make her my "crystal ball". I ask her questions and if she meows, that means "yes"! I know it's crazy! But it's fun!

So lately, I've been asking her if I'll get the job that I really want- sometimes she'd meow, sometimes no. But I always tell her that if she meows, and I do get the job, I'll get them a huge cat furniture that they'd really like!
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Tico, my garage cat, likes to "hunt" while I am in the garage "shop" piddling around, but she always comes back in when I call, so I can close up and lock the garage, making sure she is safe in her "home", but yesterday I called and she didn't come.

Betty and I walked around the place, calling, rattling dry food in a tupperware container, and were generally worried sick over where she was, and I had to go to town before she came home, but I left the garage open for her to have a place to "bolt" to in case of emergency, and when I got back Betty told me Tico came running in the garage, acting scared and hungry.

Her hunt was apparently unsuccesful.

The promise I made to her ? ?

O yeah, I said, (as I held her, almost tearful with joy that she was OK) "Young lady, I promise you that if you EVER do this to us again, I will spank your butt" ! !

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