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Do you have a will?

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This comes from the Terri Shiavo case.

I am asking what you would like done if you are in that situation? (though if you feel this is too personsal don't answer )

But more importantly do you have a will?

IMO, there is no reason not to have one. I have had one since my car accident. I will not get into the details of that only because I don't want to

I was 19 at the time, now 21.

The little money and things I have I would prefer to go to the people I want them to and I have definate decisions as to what heroics should be taken to save my life. I have made them clear in my will.

To that... The things I would have done are basically none to save my life UNLESS I can live a quality life. My mind is the decision maker. If I will not be able to take care of myself to a normal degree, just take me off.
To live as a vegetable or as the equality as an infant? No thank you.

I have many many reasons for my thoughts but we do not have the time to go into that.

Do you have a will?
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I have, but i will be changing it next year when i come into a bit money.

The reason being my brother who disowned me when i left my husband is in my will at the moment, so he aint getting his hands on any of it
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I have a will, but it does need changing. Some of the information in it is out of date.

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I don't have a will and have no immediate plans to make one because I don't really have much of anything in my name. As soon as i get a house and some other things I definitely will get a will, but right now it would be pointless.
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When you make a living will, I heard you don't have to have a lawyer present? Just a witness? Or am I mistaken, that you DO have to have a lawyer draw it up and everything?
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I don't have a will, but I have no money. My family can deal with my possessions as they wish. As far as whether or not to use heroic measures or prolong my life when I'm vegetative, I've made it clear to my family and friends that I would like to die if and when that situation occurs. I actually brought it up with my mom and had a long talk about it when I was 10 or 11 and we've talked about it since then. I also would like to be an organ donor, if the details of my death make this feasible.

Interesting note: I am in my parents' will as guardian of my siblings since I've been of legal age. If anything happened now, it wouldn't be as big a responsibility, since my little brother, the youngest, is 16 and my sister is 20. But when I was 18, I would have ended up with an 16 year old and a 12 year old. Crazy, huh?
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I do because I own a home, a car, have a daughter & pets.

I won't be changing mine until my parents pass away, and when that happens, I'm hoping my daughter is old enough to act as executor! She gets everything, anyway.

I feel MUCH BETTER having a will made. I do not have a Living Will; have thought about this, but everyone who knows me knows I'd rather die than be kept alive on machines.
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Yes we both do, and we both have a Living Will also
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I want to, but I have reservations. It is just my husband and myself, so if I should pass he gets everything - he also knows that I am an organ donor (says so on my drivers license) and he knows how I feel about a vegitative state. They comes the tricky part... what if the two of us died together or in short succession? What to do with the kids? (4 cats, 11 birds). I haven't been able to find a good solution to that, so I haven't done a will.
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We have a will but do not have a living will. I'm going to be adding a living will this summer and changing a few things in the old one as well.
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I made a will when I was 5. I think I left everything to my stuffed bear. I don't have one yet. i figue if the unthinkable happens, my sister would get nearly everything. She takes my clothes and shoes as it is. What would my parents do with my sweaters anyway?? I don't really have much of real value besides my kitten. You canonly have so much as a college student. Limerick would most likely live with my parents. He loves the house and my sister lives in the dorms and my brother lives at home so not much option there right now. hopefully that won't have to happen for a good 50-40 years.

My parents have living wills. They left all the big dessions to My dad's older sister and my mom's older sister, not to us kids. This was also a few years ago, we were 19 at the time. My dad siad we'd look at his jeep and say "you have a nice jeep dad, lets pull the plug" I like to think they didn't want to burden us with have to make that choice.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
When you make a living will, I heard you don't have to have a lawyer present? Just a witness? Or am I mistaken, that you DO have to have a lawyer draw it up and everything?
Ari over here you can buy them from the post office but they always say it's best to have it done legally.
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