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Catch Up Thread

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I have missed you all so much as some of you guys know I got a job about 8 weeks back and it has been nuts here but a good nuts so I thought I would put in a quick catch up thread so make sure you all catch me up on anything I've missed ok

Um ok well the job's going ok I think I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it or not yet have been doing a lot of un paid over time so I am going to give the boss till the end of next week to sort it out or I may have to say see ya later so I hope the boss fixes it cause the people I am cleaning for are really nice so keep your fingers crossed for me Oh and some sad news 4 weeks ago our dog Brook passed away that was a really bad week but she was 16 and she went nice and quiet in her sleep and it had to happen sometime I'm glad it was peacefull for her and us but I miss her terabley we have how ever just got a new puppy the kids got together for Ricks birthday and got him a blue heeler puppy it feel's a bit strange I think we got him a bit to soon for me at least but he's cute as a button I must admite you should see him with Jasper talk about funny Cooper is his name and he trys to get Jasper to play with him it's so funny and Jasper is of the attitude well excuse me but if you had not noticed I'm a cat and your a dog but as soon as Cooper goes to bed of a night Jasper comes out and plays with his toys but it is going well between them Cooper is slowly learning that Jasper is the king of the castle and Jasper has been so good he has the odd swat at Cooper but has not made contact as of yet and he has had the opitunity to smack him several times so he is being a very good little pussy cat I'm so proud of him well so much for short hey ok gotta go and play with this ball of fur before he destroys the house he has been locked up this afternoon and is full of beans please let me know how you and your babys have been
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Hi Nancy!
Glad to hear you're doing okay. Sorry about Brook. . She lived a good and long life... But congratulations on Cooper. He and Jasper sound like they'll be pals in no time! Look at me, my new but senior dog Jello has 4 kitties as his new friends and they get along just fine.
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Hi, Nancy and Jasper!How wonderful to see you!Sure have missed you around lately, thank you for checking in! Sounds as if you've been pretty busy. I'm so sorry you lost your dearest Brook. Congratulations on the newest member of your family! Cooper sounds like such a joy! I've been working a lot of night shifts, that's where I am now in fact. Sierra and I had a wonderful day together~while I wasn't sleeping as I should have been! It's beginning to warm up here, and it's going to be a beautiful Spring!
Look forward to seeing you more often!
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Hi Nancy!

I was just wonderign how you were doing at your new job, hadn't seen you around for a while! So pleased you dropped by to say hi! (I'm a poet and I didn't know it! )

Sorry to hear about Brook. I am sure that Jasper and Cooper will look after their Mummy - especially when she's feeling sad! That, or they'll just keep you busy!

I've just been busy not getting new rented property, preparing for my degree final exhibition and battling on with my knee! Tibby and Molly are fine and send hugs to you all!

Hope to see you around soon!
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Hello! Good to hear from you!
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