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Ken Kesey died today

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I remember what a force he was in the 60's and what a rebel he has been his entire life. His books were always insightful- One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest was my favorite. RIP Ken, you finally earned the ultimate trip.
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Oh how sad.
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Ken Kesey, wow, I haven't really heard his name in a while, but I'll never forget this guy, as he was one of those "untouchable" characters I'd always dream of meeting one day.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is an immortal story that'll go down in history as probably one of the most satirical, inspirational, acid flicks ever made. Of course in my own humble opinion.

He shared his thoughts in Newsweek a long time ago regarding the assination of President Kennedy. I think it was over 15 years ago (JEEEZ ..I'm old!..lol...I remember cause it was my birthday) His comments were as colorful as the bus he rode to Cali on and probably flagged down for his last one to Heaven...God Bless You KEN!

Love & Peace,
Ken Kesey :angel2:
Timothy Leary, his best bud :angel2: Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
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Cat thank you for dredging up those images for this thread. It brings up memories to see that bus after all these years........ I guess now you can say, he is finally High!
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He has and forever shall be world without end...Amen! :LOL:
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Ken, you will be mssed. It is the passing of an Icon; who mirrored in his works "freedom" we all long for, but few achieve. Fly FREE, Ken!
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Who is this guy? I haven't heard about him.
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You are to young to even know about him (I think you are anyway) but he was the leader of the psychedelic movement in the 60's. He was a famous author- wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Sometimes a Great Notion, and other great works. He and his team of Merry Pranksters traveled in the psychedelic bus across the country and even overseas. His bus was named Further. He traveled to colleges and spoke to the students and enlightened them about atrocities being committed during that era. He hung with kings, and hippies, and common people and was truly an enlightened soul.
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You're too cute. :laughing2...Hissy's right, you're way to young, but if you want to learn about a great guy, you can certainly catch up to speed on the net. To add to Hissy's comment, Ken's works were that of a genius and he was part of the movement that made that movement so colorful. I was about a generation short of Ken, but, I love to read and I'm very familiar with his works. I'm also a musician and he loved hanging out with musicians and had a lot of influence on song lyrics etc...he was one of the forerunner's for the "Hippie Love" generation and someone that will never be forgotten (I hope!)

Love & Peace,
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I'm on the cusp of Ken Kesey. I remember hearing about him, but not knowing exactly who he was. Was he Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test? Or was that Alvin "Future Shock" Toffler? Is there also someone who is a professional clown now that used to be a Prankster? Maybe R U Sirius? Does a clown camp in the summer sometimes? I think my mom knew about these guys but didn't tell me much, because my step-dad it was who told me stories of the bus . . .
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Here is a website where you can read about his life

Ken Kesy sites
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