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Okay, I'm totally frustrated. I'm moving into my mother's house and she does not want the cats to claw her furniture. She told me either find a solution to their clawing or they've got to go! So, I was browsing the internet one day, seriously thinking about declawing both of them and I found this awesome alternative to declawing: soft paws! They're so excellent. I had NO problem getting them on my cat Ray; however, my younger cat, Oscar, is giving me hell about putting them on. I've got 1 paw done and 1 more to go. I canNOT get them on this other paw...he tries to claw me w/ his back feet and his only uncovered front foot and he even tries to bite me. He's horrible. I'm at my wits end. So...I'm looking for any suggestions...this needs to be done fast. I'm moving this Saturday the 26th. I was thinking of some type of sedative...but, I don't know anything about things like that. My friend suggested benadryl, but I've been told NEVER to give your cat benadryl. So...if anyone knows of any other options please help me. ARGH!
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Ok first of all calm down, because he will feed off your stress and frustration. Let him calm down as well and let him go rest. Once he is at rest, just go over to him and pet him. Give him a treat, then take a towel and carefully and quickly wrap him up like a burrito with his back legs sticking out one end, and his head out the other. Have someone hold him for you while you put the rest of the soft paws on him. And you are right, you should never give your cat benedryl unless a vet tells you to and tells you how much to give-
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They sell cat muzzles, which might be worth the investment to keep him from biting you. The kitty burrito idea often works. I would also try to catch him while he's sleeping...it usually takes them a few minutes to wake up and realize that you're doing something to them (that's how I pill one of my cats sometimes). Since you have until Saturday, you could do them one at a time and catch him from a nap each time.
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