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Jerry Springer

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Does anyone watch him? I can't watch it because it so stupid! Debby, are you shallow enough to watch that? :LOL:
Although, I did catch it a few weeks ago, and was cracking up. I can't remember the name of it, but I believe it was called "Household Hookers" Did anyone see that episode? The 1st guest was a guy (mid 20's) who was married and had kids. He admitted that he was sleeping with his landlord. The brought the landlord out, and she was a fat old lady! EWWWWW! To top that off, she took her clothes off, and her dentures! I felt so sorry for his wife! Talk about humiliation. The 2nd guest was a guy (early 20's) with a wife and infant baby. He admitted he was sleeping with a 'prostitute' he met at the video store. They brought the prostitute out and it was a male! Oh, that was gross, too!

I thought I read at one time that the J.Springer show is all just a setup? I just can't watch that show --
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I don't see it cause I'm at work during the day, but when I'm off I try to catch it every now and then because it's so outrageous. I couldn't watch it consistantly but I watch it once every blue moon. it's just a silly, silly show.

I actually met Jerry about 6 years ago. Nice guy and was wearing faded jeans and a leather jacket. that suprised me because he wears suits on the show. wasn't expecting him to be so casual.
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When he was first on and guests would sit in chairs instead of throwing them. He had a good show for awhile and then something went nuts and it just exploded. Last week I wasn't feeling good and I turned it on and it was about Trailer Trash Love stories or some wierd thing...one man who said the only way his wife would make love with him was if he wore a clown outfit or some wierd thing. I didn't stick around to hear any more. He really did use to have a great show- but I guess he started believing his own press. I did hear that next to Oprah he makes the most money as a talk show host.
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Be it lawyer, politician, anchorman, father, talk show host, country music singer, originally from England to New York, he's got the savoir fare and mid-westem charm down!..."Where'd they find this guy!" :laughing2...That leather coat you saw him in is probably one of many he wears when he opens up for Billy Ray Cyrus or riding his Harley! :laughing: The guy is non-stop...although I think the "Jerry Springer" show has gotten waaaaay wacky, he seems like a very cool person. He works with a lot of charities and I think that that says alot about an individual. I'd give him the good ol' Jerry chant...he deserves it :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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I have to say I can't stand the show!! Whether its set up or not I think its horrible to make such a mockery of peoples lives - why go live on TV to ruin your partner/sister/brother/mother/father or anyone elses life?!! I will NEVER EVER watch it!!! although, apparantly - so I've been told, my Dad looks just like him?!!! People have even done the "Jerry" chant to him!!??!!
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I don't watch it because its too stupid. The last time I watched it, it was about a man who slept with his own mother!!! Yuck! The wife divorced him. It sickened me. I think both the man and his mother need serious mental counseling.
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