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itchy spot?

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I'm not sure if this should go here, or in grooming.

Anyway, when PJ went to the vet last week, they had to shave her neck to take her blood sample. She's been licking it a lot, and she had a tiny little red spot left over from the blood drawing. But today, I noticed that she's now got a larger red dot. She's been licking it a lot, so I'm worried. We'll stop in at the vet tomorrow, and I have a funny feeling they'll put a cone on her head (an e-collar?), but I worry about that.

PJ can't stand to wear a regular collar - she freaks out and doesn't move. She just crouches and doesn't eat or drink or do anything. And she uses a covered litterbox for privacy and because she pees all out the back and the side. Can she use that kind of box with a cone on? Will she be just freak out? I've never had to put a cone on any animal before, but I think she needs to be prevented from touching that spot until some more hair grows back.

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I have some first aid cream that stops the itching and a spray that doesnt taste good as well as having a anti ich pain reliever..
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I know that Bitter Apple (the stuff that most people use to stop cats from chewing on wires) is actually to get dogs from licking themselves. Talk to you vet about using a bad-tasting deterant instead of an e-collar. (But do get it checked, it could be infected from her picking at it.)
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For problems on the neck, instead of an e-collar, cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box, about 2 inches wide and long enough to fit 3/4 round the cat's neck. Cut the ends round so there are no sharp corners. Make a hole in each end and thread an elastic tape through, then tie it under the cat's chin. You can adjust the length and cut the cardboard so that it seems comfortable. I did this for Persil to stop her scratching the back of her neck and it worked fine. I only let her wear it when I was in the house though, in case it got caught on something. But I would do the same with an e-collar.
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