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New Kitty - Some health questions

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New kitty in our home -- he's about a year old and was Neutered on Friday. I have some questions, so I'll keep it quick and simple.

1. How much licking of the neuter area is normal? I wouldn't say he's licking it a lot, but he definitely seems attracked to the area more than several times a day. It looks okay from what I can tell. Is there anything specific to watch for?

2. He's been sneezing a little bit. He's a shelter rescue and I know it's not uncommon for them to get colds or URIs coming out of the shelter. Again, he's not sneezing a lot... make 3-5 times a day. He seems okay otherwise. What do I watch for to know if he's getting a cold? What do I do if he does get a cold?

3. This is the one that kinda bugs me but it's been a long time since I've had a young healthy cat. He stretches A LOT. Like everytime he gets up from laying down he stretches the front legs real good and then his back legs. He's stretching enough that both my husband and I have been saying "what's up with all the stretching". Is this just a personality trait in some kitties, could he still be a little "off" from the neutering or from being in a shelter cage for so long (almost 3 weeks), or... ? He can get around okay... jumps up on my furniture just fine so it seems, even the kitchen counter.

Last one...

4. He was treated for fleas on Saturday -- not that he had them, but the resuce group treats all kitties who come out of the shelter. He has been scratching and biting himself a bit -- not a lot, but enough that I've noticed -- and I've caught him scratching a few times. It IS possible that Comere had fleas since he was an indoor outdoor cat (Comere is no longer with us - RB) -- could Cosmo have caught fleas coming into my house, even in the winter? Comere did NOT scratch or bite himself much at all. Cosmo isn't doing it a lot, like I said, so I'm not even sure what is normal for him grooming himself -- as Comere got older he did that less and less regularly, so I'm not sure how much is typical.

Yeah, I probably have nothing to worry or fret over, and yeah, I might be a little paranoid, but I want our new kitty to be happy

Thanks all...
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Could the flea treatment the rescue group gave him be the cause of the sneezing and scratching?
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1. You'll be able to see if the stiches or glue (depends on what the shelters uses) gives way. Just keep an eye on "that area". I don't know how common it is for a boy to pick at it, all of mine were done well before I took them home.

2. Actually, just like in humans, nothing can be done for a cat with a cold. URIs, however, do require antibiotics. If the discharge from his eyes or nose becomes cloudy or discoloured (like yellow or green), or if he starts wheezing, he needs to see a vet. Everytime I brought home a new cat they passed the sniffles around for almost a month, and none of them ever got a URI from it. However, if he's in the middle of his kitten shots, you need to get him to a vet now, because they'll want to prevent him from catching a secondary infection. (He can't be sick when he gets the shots, or you'll have to start all over.)

3. He's probably really comfy in your home. Ho Ho does the same thing ever since I brought him home - he was outside for three months and then was in a cage for 7 days. Kitties love freedom.

4. If he was treated with Advantage, Frontline, or Revolution, those products should work for a month's time. You can test for fleas by brushing him over a white piece of paper and seeing if anything falls out. More than likely he's just itchy from being at the shelter. I noticed the cats at the shelter where I volunteer all have too much hair and dander and are itchy, due to lack of exercise and handling. Try just giving him a really good brushing (I love the Zoom Groom!) and that might just get rid of the problem.

Congrats on getting a new furry! What's his name? What's he look like?
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Thanks so much Wodesorel!

Here's Cosmo...

...posing as the king he has quickly become

Thanks for all the info. I'm keeping my eye on hit kitty privates (lol) as best I can but I don't really know what to look for. My previous kitty was already fixed for a while when I got him and obviously his whole nearly 18 years I didn't have much reason to check that area out so I'm not sure what "normal" should be -- not to mention with all the dark fur, it's not so easy to tell

His sneezing seems better today and he had his first official case of the cat crazies tonight - tearing around the house playing with a ball of paper like a wildman. Then he pooped himself right out and crashed on the bed for a while -- I tell ya, he wouldn't make it out in the animal kingdom stretched out sleeping flat on his back with his whole belly exposed and his paws up in the air (I really have to get a picture of this!) -- LOL -- but I guess it's a compliment to us and how comfortable he feels. Either that or he's just happy happy happy to be out of a cage.

I'll keep my eye out for the flees. He's going to be an indoor-only cat, so I'd hate to think he gets them, but since Comere was and indoor-outdoor I'm sure it's possible my house has them.
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OOOOOHHHH!!!! He is soooooo cute! (He looks like a combo of my Merlin and L.S.) I just love grey kitties!

Look at him grinning!
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what a handsome boy!!
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It'll be clear if there's anything wrong with the stitches. If it become inflamed or very red/pink or pussy, then there's something to worry about, but more than likely there'll be nothing to worry about, and that maybe he's the slightest bit itchy, aren't you went your scratches heal? He sounds like he's a very happy healthy cat!

I love silly buggers. It's one of my favourite cat habits!
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He may also be itchy because of dry skin which is pretty common at this time of year. If you don't find any black specks from fleas, you may find white flakes of skin.

He really is a lovely cat, and all that stretching sounds like he feels perfectly comfortable and relaxed:-).

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He is beautiful. When I decide I have room for a fourth (and if I have any say in it) I want a grey cat.
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Thanks everyone
Yes, he is a handsome boy, and he sure does know it
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Oh, my, what a pretty kitty!

I wouldn't worry about his neuter too much, unless it becomes like cinderellie said. Billy did the same thing. When a cat gets a scratch, or injury in the wild, they clean it, especially when it hurts, to stop infection, and to ease the pain. That is what Cosmo is doing now. I was worried when Billy did it, too, but, you have nothing to worry about, because he is just tending to his "injury." When Billy did it, I always stopped, and said to him, "What are you licking for!? You have nothing to lick!!!! Geeze! Dumb cat! Awww, I love ya, Billy, you know it!" LOL! He should be okay.
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Thanks for the reassurance Cassie -- he is licking it much less today, so I think you are absolutely right
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I can comment on #1. Marsh didn't excessively lick his 'area' after the neuter. They did say keep an eye on it, but he maybe did it 4-5 times in all the days post-surgery - besides the normal times when he was grooming. So i wouldn't be worried
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Always a good idea to look for any swelling, redness or discharge and report any unusual findings to your vet. Generally cat neuters don't have any stitches to bother with.
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