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Mom or Dad....which are you more like?

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If you had to pick, which parent are you more like? I've been told I'm the female version of my father......and although I have alot of his traits, I don't think I am. I tend to be alot like my mom......

What about you??
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Hub tells me that I'm a lot like both. But mostly more like my mom...a LOT like my mom~
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I would say I'm most like my mom. Though I do share my dad's stubbornness! What scares me though is when some corny joke comes out of my mouth and all I can think is "Oh god...that's something my mom would say!!!!!!"
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That's easy, i came to Accept that I had "become my Mother" a bit ago. I work at a college like she did etc.

I am the better cook like my father was. Plus mom was a teatotaler and Dad liked his cocktails and so do I. But as people I am much more like my Mom.
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My sister promised to shoot me if I became like my mother. I'm still alive, so I don't know if that means I'm not like my Mom or if it means she doesn't keep her promises
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The milk man. Growing up, the entire family and I were from two different worlds.
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My mom, no doubt. I look like her, sound like her, write like her. It's scary!
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physical attributes, I'm definitely my father's child - I was BORN w/red hair like his, and all my, *ahem*, female attributes are from his family.

Purrsonality, I have come to accept that I AM my mother - grudgingly,
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I never knew my mother at all...although I look exactly like her. But everything about me is my father's daughter.
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I favor my Dad miss you Dad but I got my hair coloring from my Moms side of the family. Mom's Dad had red hair and she has always said that mine looked just like his. Oh yeah I would rather be awake at night and sleep late than go to bed early and get up early that was something I got from Dad's side.

So I favor Dad more than Mom. I can also answer for Blondiecat and Spideycat too. Blondiecat is Moms side of the family.
Spideycat is Dad's side of the family
just one thing thou Mom and Dad both have dark color hair. We all wound up with different color hair. Mine is Red Cathi is blonde and David is brown and my other brother's hair is black.
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I look like my mother but I have my father's personality traits. I am definitely Daddy's girl!
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I'm a lot like my mom, but alot of people tell me that I look like my dad.
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Although my dad died when I was 17, I still remember his personality clearly... and it's amazing how we are so much alike. I look like a combination of my parents (blonde hair and blue eyes from mom... facial structure and dimples from dad), though I'm nothing like my mother in any other way.

Great question.
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In pretty much all physical respects, I am my Mum all over again, and I can even see me becoming her Mum (though I never really knew Nana). Much of my personality -- certainly the way I think -- and my areas of aptitude -- are from Mum too. But my temper is from Dad, and there are lots of people who see him in me physically, too. My love of food and cooking comes from both sides.
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I look like my dad's father (he had the red hair and stocky german figure).

Personality wise I never thought I was much like either of them until I lost them and realized how much of both of their personalities is alive and well inside of me. I take great pride in making things (rather than buying them) - thanks Dad, and can be the most overly generous person in the world - thanks Mom. I blend both of these characteristics together when I make things for the many cats and dogs in my life. Auntie Em (side-business) was named for my niece but represents both of my parents.
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My mom tells me I'm a clone of my father. (They divorced when I was two, and I rarely see or talk to him, seeing as how he's living in another state and chooses to be unemployed. Don't ask.) I'm not sure how, but I have his exact personality, and have all of his bad habits. Can genetics really be THAT powerful?

My grandparents and the rest of my mom's side of the family say that I am just like my Great-Uncle Sam (My grandpa's brother). He passed away three months before I was born, and I know from stories that he was so happy my mom was pregnant, and couldn't wait to see me. They've always told me that he's my guardian angel, and for all that's happened, I really like to think he is.
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If I had a choice, I want to be as patient and as friendly as my dad. Unfortunately, I know I have the impatience but the frankness (or tactlessness ) of my mother.
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People always say that they can tell I am my Mother's Daughter! I can even see it too! I look exactly like her when she was my age and have extrememely similer personalities! We get on brilliantly and she's certainly great, so I don't mind at all being her clone!

The funny thing is that my sister is identical to my Dad in personality and looks!
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I look like my dad and i have his nature also
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Susan, your dad must have been a hoot if your like him!
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hmm thats kind of hard, i see my self physically in both of my parents.
But my mum says i look extremely like my grandma, then my dad says i look like his mother too so its very confusing!
my Bf says i inherited the good qualities off both parents
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Well I looks wise I am my mother made over only a little heavier build which comes from my Dad's side. Personally, I'd say I'm a pretty even split.
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I look like my mom, and I hold a lot of my mom's political beliefs. But otherwise, I act like my dad!
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i look more like my mom. BF says I act way more like my mom and my mom says I act way more like my dad, but i think i took something from each and made it me. I would say I got my mom's professional side and my dad's fun side.
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I look like my mom, but my personality is exactly like my dad's.
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I am my mother incarnate, period.
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I think I am a good mix of the two. I have a lot of my fathers talents and share a lot of his views. I look like both of them as well. I share in my mothers love for crafts but we do different crafts
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I think I'm most like my dad. I look totally like him... so much so that when people used to see me and my mother together, they would think I was adopted... til they saw my dad. I'm also a lot like him personality wise - stubborn as heck, always have to be right. I think I got all his bad qualities. But my mother is the most generous person I know so I hope I got some of her good qualities!
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I'm like my dad in alot of ways & like my mom in a lot of ways. A weird mix of both.

I look like my mom, same smile, same eyes, same hair. But not the same body, that's for certain. She didn't take care of herself and I take extra good care of myself.

I have my dad's low cholesterol & dad's low blood pressure, though. Weird how that happened.
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because of my background I won't say I am anything like my parents as they are awful (i wont exlain why) but people often say how like my sister I am...if that counts!
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