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NYC animals - Sad ending to a tragic day

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On September 11th many people died - it was a day none of us will ever forget. Many of the people were single and even some couples who worked together in the Twin Towers were killed and left behind animals - Money came in from all over to help the New York Shelters help the animals. The CACC and other shelters began to look for the "next of kin." Most of the relatives of the victims did not want the animals for various reasons. And so these animals become part of the New York City kill shelter regime - seven days and if they are not adopted, they are euthanized. Many private individuals are taking animals out as fast as they can - the shelter is not providing any documentation on the animals and so they all have to be tested, given their shots and if their is not scar to show a spay, they have to be opened to make sure they are altered! This is being done without help from the shelters - and by regular every day people paying out of their own pockets.

Helping Paws has agreed to start taking as many of these animals as we can - to do the medical work and adopt them out - Thanks to Donna and the people who put on the Connecticut Pet Expo, I will be going on three television stations tomorrow morning to tell this story. Hopefully there will be donations and people who sign up to adopt the animals. These are animals that have not been abused - they have not been abandoned on purpose, they have not been neglected. They are animals whose humans did not come home one day. It does not seem fair that these animals die. It is an unacceptable ending to this tragedy!
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So, for those of us that want to help, where do we send donations?

I'm sure going public with this story will generate a ton of extra funding, also. Good luck!!!
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This is so sad! I hope each and everyone of these babies can be rehomed!
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Rene - I hope that your television appearances go well and that many people offer to help out these poor creatures. It is so very sad that they are often the forgotten victims in the world's tragedys. Now,where can we send that $ to?
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Rene, that's so wonderful that you are helping these poor babies. It's heartwrenching to know that one day they had a loving gaurdian and then they have no idea what happened to their world.

I'm so sorry to hear this terrible news. I'd like to thank Donna also for helping you get this story aired on TV. I wish I could adopt one, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Please keep us posted and please let us know how we can help too.

Love & Peace,
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Yesterday when I found out, the thing that made me most sick is that people from all around the world sent money to these major organizations in hopes to help the animals. I want to know where all that money went because surely, it did not go to helping any of them. Now, all of these small non profits are going to step in and take over. It is the small non profit, no kill rescues that deserve all the thanks!!!
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I was also one of those people who sent money in. When I heard this story I was so infuriated. I called every contact I knew to get the word out and was fortunate enough to get the coverage we need to help them. It was not these precious animal's faults that they ended up where they are. I blame the families as well as these organizations. When my dad died, I already had a house full of cats and my cats didn't get along with Tigger. My best friend (another sign of a true friend) offered to take Tigger and give him a home. I will always be indebted to her in helping me keep my promise to my father. If I can make a home for one of them, I am going to do so. I said I was at 7 cats and holding. That was before all this.

Another point I want to make is, no one ever thinks of their pets when planning for the future (death). PLEASE, start thinking about it now as you will never know if your life could tragically end like those poor victims did, leaving their precious pets behind.

Thanks for your support everyone!

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When Rene called me last night and told me this, she couldn't see the tears running down my face (and the crying that I did after the phone call). Anyway, I fell so bad for these poor babies that I told Rene, without hesitation, that one of them is to be mine. I told her that I would take one of the older ones which will be more diffictult to place. I am also contacint one of my old rescue people to see if she can help. I'm sure she's already been doing it. Also be alerted that the Red Cross was put on the spot because with all the money that came in, only about $47 thousand has been given to families and people are asking where the rest of it is. I understand that some of the money, since it was not designated by the contributor where it should go, has help the Red Cross in other ways. They will return money to the people who ask. As for planning for your babies future, mine has been done along time ago and I recently changed it to include Helping Paws. Not only is Rene taking in cats, but she's going to help the dogs also. I do have a friend that I lost in the bombing but do know that her kitty is safe with her husband and I know this for a fact. Anyway, thank you Rene, Clint, Donna, Sandy, Ken, Michele and the rest of Helping Paws for being there in their time of need.

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This is really sad. I really don't understand why the victims'families can't do more to help these unfortunate pets. I agree with Donna, the families as well as the organizations are to blame.
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Much has happened in the last four days and many things have been learned. My husband leaves tomorrow morning to go to a Long Island kill shelter and the CACC and pick up dogs and cats. I decided I would not go in the back door but in the front and I called both these shelters and confronted them. I was surprised at the answer. The CACC does not have a facility where the people said they were getting the animals and the New York City law dictates that any animal coming out of the CACC MUST BE ALTERED. They do not let any animals out whole. Also the Long Island kill shelter was thrilled that I called them (they do not alter first). I have three dogs that belonged to victims of 9/11 and three cats coming from Long Island and one dog and about six cats coming from the CACC. Then there are volunteers coming to COnnecticut on Friday with more dogs and perhaps another cat or two. We will take all the animals from Long Island directly to the vet to get their shots, tests and to be altered. The Newspaper is coming to my home tomorrow to do a story and take pictures. Donations can be sent to Helping Paws. I am not soliciting donations from anyone on this site, I am only answering a couple of inquiries - you can get the address from the website -

Thanks for your interest and support!
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Rene - you are truly a savior of animals. May God bless you and your efforts.
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Rene :angel2:

You are exactly that! God Bless You & your husband for all the work you've put into saving these animals. I wish I lived closer, I take one in a heartbeat. I'm sure after the coverage within the paper it'll be much easier to place them

Love & Hugs!
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