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cat games

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What cat games do you paly with your cat(s)??

Limerick love to hid in the tub, around the cornor and play peep a boo iwth me. He jumps up then hides and pops up again. It's really cute!!!!!
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i play all 3 of them! But Teufel likes to play tag alot, he enjoyed it with my bfs little sister
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marsh loves peek-a-boo! i'd hide behind a door, he'll slowly crouch to where i am, and JUMP me! i'll yelp in horror, he'll snicker for a bit, and return back to his hiding place and wait for me to hide again. He'll come back just to sping me one more time.
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Princess loves to play what we call "get the kitty". She will run up to me, stop and growl to get my attention, then turn around run and wait for me to come get her. To her the game isn't right unless I stomp my feet and growl while I'm chasing her. I swear if someone seen this and didn't know what I was doing they would think I've lost my mind. She loves it so I will gladly do it though.
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Waffle loves it when I chase her around. I'll run after her with my arms outstretched and she'll run a bit, then turn around to see if I'm still there. She really loves it as she yells at me whenever I stop! I suppose that's pretty close to tag, so I just put that one!
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I didn't vote, because CJ and Billy like to play "PC." PC means "Psycho Cat!" They have a chair they will sit on, and they'll try to catch our hands and bite them. It's fun. LOL! Though, sometimes, they get me! Ouch!
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I put down hide and seek because that seems to be Eponine's favorite (and only) game she plays with me. She'll start screaming and running around, which is my cue to chase her. She'll hide behind something and I'm supposed to sit completely still. Then she stalks me and jumps out at me. Not sure if that's peek-a-boo or hide and seek, but that's what she loves.
So far, Cosette doesn't really get games, she just likes to play with any object she encounters!!!
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Of the ones on your list we play peek-a-boo, but mostly we play fetch! Chloe LOVES to have us throw something so she can chase it and bring it back to be thrown all over again.
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Definitely TAG. But not as often as I want. QT and Wawa want to chase everybody. Skinny and Joji don't like being IT all the time. So the game abruptly ends when I have to stop a catfight.
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I am just going to put tag, since it is a type of "hand tag," but if Billy wins, I bleed.
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What about FETCH?! Mac loves to play fetch with us humans.
Grace and Emma play tag with each other.
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Laser Light!!! I have one of those laser pointers... Snickers and Zorro are the only takers really, Zorro will go batty over the laser light & Snickers leaps tall sofas in a single bound just to get that red light.

The birdie in the box is another game. Take any box & stick the birdie under it, flip the box upside down so the feathers just barely stick out. Snickers falls for it & will tear into that box until the birdie is dead. (fake birdie)

The thing under the covers. A favorite with Snickers & Hammie. Their pupils get wide as saucers & they attack full force until the thing under the covers (me) waves the white flag.

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Pixel used to love to play fetch, & she still tries but Cable will chase anything i throw, & she's faster than Pixel. poor Pixel!
Cable likes to bat around stuff. they both like the cat dancer i got them. & boxes, bags - anything they can get inside of or sit on top of!
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My boys like to play get the kitty get the human. I guess it's a variation on tag. They learned it from my Dad but pretty much so demand that I play it with them. They'll come running up then run away for a few seconds and make sure you're following them but when you catch them you have to pick them up and cuddle. Then they chase you until they can pounce on you.
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