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Anyone remember this guy?

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Someone has a lot of time on their hands, but the gallery is pretty amusing

The tourist guy
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that site is hilarious!

thanks for the link
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:laughing2...that took some time to put up! Great site, thanks! :laughing2

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Hmmm!!! I clicked the link but got a countdown thing and a tribute to America about Sep11?!! Is that what Im meant to get? Underneath it said Tourist guy has been taken off line?!!
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BodLover; It is back up now and well worth the lookey-loo. The best part is; thanks to my Imaging Class for web-tv; I know how he does this. . . It is quite time consuming; he is very talented and patient.
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Cool I'll take another peek!! Thanks!!
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Waaaaaah!!! TLK!!! It still gives me the same thing as before!!??!! What am I doing wrong?!! Im gonna stamp my foot if I don't get to see it soon!!! Waaah!!
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Bod; When you go to the site do you get a pic of the tourist guy on a black background with the 9 11 01 under him? Okay, click on the whole pic. It should activate to green around frame of picture. It takes a while to load; be patient; it will come on and start a series of pics. I hope you get it this time. . . TLK
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I don't know what happened. It was such a clever project too! Sorry Bodlover.
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Ok this means war now!! When I click on the link all I get is a black background and the USA Eagle with the tear apear, then a flash show of the events of Sep 11th start and if I scroll down the page it just says The Tourist Guy has been taken off line?!!! Maybe if you did me another link it might work?!! I don't know!!
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Bod: Try this instead of the "tag line" link http://www.thetouristguy.com/
Good Luck TLK
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nope i cannot ger tourist guy either,
maybe its us brits!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

It seems like we all enjoyed that so much that I looked into Momodesigns.com and contacted the guy who put it up. He's extremely talented and I emailed him. I told him that we all viewed it and there were many of us on the CatSite that didn't get a chance to see it. There was much more to the email, but perhaps if I gave you the email address we can convince him to put it back up. I did tell him that he may be getting an influx of mail! :LOL: so, maybe it would be great to drop him a line I sure wouldn't mind seeing it again myself!

Hope you take a moment to email him.

Love & Peace,
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I, too, was unable to see the pictures. All I got was a black screen with the tourist guy that has been taken offline.
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Hi Nena,

Please check my post out...it's definitely offline...like I said perhaps you can take a moment to email him at that addy if you wish to see it...it's really rather funny.

by the way...I hope Rascal's doing well.

Take Care,
Love & Peace,
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