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Not Ready Yet!

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Please keep our 14 year old cat, Goldielocks, in your thoughts and prayers. A month ago she was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and heart problems. Heart medication has helped her heart, and she had thyroid surgery last week. We thought all was going well. Over the weekend, she's developed a liver problem -- Her billirubin level is sky high, and she is now at the vet for IV's and medical care. We understand this is an extremely serious condition, and she may not recover. Goldielocks needs all your good thoughts and prayers to help her though this terrible time.
We lost a Siamese two years ago, and I'm not ready for another one to go so soon.

Goldie's Mom
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I am so sorry, I know you are probably not ready, but sometimes it just is out of our hands. I recently lost a sweet girl that we tried so hard to keep saving. Finally we realized we were saving her for US and it was to her benefit to let her go. so we did.
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Oh Goldie's Mom, I am so sorry You and Goldielocks are in my prayers and thoughts.
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Oh poor goldielocks, hugs to you both, your in my thoughts
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I just wanted you to know that you and Goldielocks are in my thoughts today.
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I feel so bad for you. My prayers are with you and Goldilocks.
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Sending good health vibes to Goldielocks
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So sorry to hear about Goldie. May I ask, what are they doing for the Birillium? My son had high birillium counts when he was born and my peditrician suggested sun therapy. He napped naked in his basanet outside and his counts declined. Could the same work for cats I wonder?
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I Know exactly how you feel having lost many precious pets through the years.A few years ago I lost my beautiful ,sweet ,loving ,gentle ,male himalayan .It broke my heart to have to put him to sleep,but he was almost 19 and I doubt he would've made it through any kind of surgery,and even if he did at his age I couldn't see the quality of life improving much.I knew I had to be brave and do what was best for him.I have amazing memories of a creature who touched my soul to the depths that he has,and will treasure them for the rest of my life.I have two other cats to share my life with now,who keep me entertained and loved.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!Hugs,Arielrain
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Goldie is in my prayers as are you!
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You and Goldie are in my thoughts and prayers. Connie
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Many thanks to everyone here for their many prayers and kind thoughts for Goldielocks. She spent 3 days at the vet; he gave her IV's to flush the billirubin through her kidney's, and she had a feeding tube installed. She came home to us on Wednesday evening, and although she is still weak and fighting the hepatic lipidosis condition, she is still hanging in here with us. We are feeding her on a regular schedule, and God willing, will continue taking care of her as long as she wishes to be with us. She goes back to the vet for a check tomorrow, and we'll know better of how well she's fighting this.
Devorah mentioned the sun: today Goldielocks has spent a good part of the day following the sun, so she can sleep in it. My husband was home for Good Friday, and got to take care of her. He reported that many times she would move throughout the house to be able to sleep in the sun. Perhaps cats have an innate sense of what they need to help themselves?
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You and your baby Goldie are in my thoughts, and my cats send headbutts and purrs to you.
I am glad she is HOME.
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I hope that she recovers quickly. You are in my thoughts.
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