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Ever been Hypnotized??

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I went to a show put on by a Hypnotist tonight, and I was one of the ones on stage!! I never thought I could be hypnotized but I was wrong! Its weird because I remember everything I did ( Including changing a baby's diaper, flying in a rocketship, dancing ballet, and speaking to a martian in 'Moon Language' ) but at the time, it seemed like it was what I was supposed to do. He said before we got started if there was anything our subconcious really didn't want to do, we wouldn't do it. Well i refused to act like an aerobics instructor and I couldn't see the audience as being naked when he suggested it. Before he woke us up fully he planted suggetsions that we would try to be more healthy and postive, that we would drink lots of water and eat healthy foods, as well as quit any bad habits like nail biting or smoking. I was thinking, yeah right. But when I was leaving the building I became aware that I was very thristy for a glass of water ( I normally hate water) and a piece of fruit. As I'm typing this I'm slurping back a big cold glass of water and eating a banana! The water doesn't have the after taste it used to have for me! This is the coolest experience ever!! Anyone else been throught this??
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Hi Melissa,
A few years ago I went with my sister-in-law and brother. The show was held at a well known hotel.
I didn't believe any one could be hypnotized...When all of a sudden I saw my sister-in-law hypnotized!
The hypnotist did not humiliate them, like have them bark like a dog or suggest something ridiculous... Some of the suggestions were funny...
At one point when given the suggestion she came over to me and others and said, " I have to tell you, the "British are coming!' She and others went around the room saying this. It was so funny! One guy drew a picture as if he was a 5 yr old...it was cute!
She said after being hypnotized that night she had the best night sleep!!!!
I wouldn't recommend this to people who are skeptical...It was done all in good fun!!
It was a fun evening!!! :laughing:

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Hmmm I always thought being hypnotized was a bit dodgey to be honest - you never know what you're opening your mind up to ya know?!! But now you've said about it making you eat better...well!!! maybe I'll have to think again!! ha ha ha....or maybe not...cos knowing my luck something will go horribly wrong!!!
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