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National Sales Tax

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I'm curious what everyone thinks about the possibility a National Sales Tax rather than Income Tax? Do you like the idea and do you think it will ever happen?
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Currently I am in favor of Income Tax because I don't make enough to have to file but buying stuff and paying more tax would directly affect me.
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We have both in Europe. In my opinion, introducing one will not remove the other - income tax has not gone down much since we had around 17.5-20% Value Added Tax at point of sale for most goods.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
We have both in Europe. In my opinion, introducing one will not remove the other - income tax has not gone down much since we had around 17.5-20% Value Added Tax at point of sale for most goods.
I have to agree. A national sales tax, or VAT, will be in addition to income tax, not a replacement for it. Particularly in view of the budget deficit.
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Bring it on! That way everyone would be taxed according to what they buy, and the American middle class wouldn't be footing the burden of creating a tax base in this country. I am continuously bugged that 'lower (read 'no') income' people are buying better things than I can afford while getting a free ride from the government.
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I agree with Deb - but only if the Sales tax would REPLACE the income tax.
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I'm with Deb. Bring it on!
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I'm for it if the income tax is somehow lessened because maybe THEN the richest portion of the country will be paying the taxes that they should be instead of taking it out of the pockets of the middle class!!!
It'll also help with my new year's resolution to stop buying so much crap and start saving more!!!
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In Pennsylvania we don't pay tax on clothes or groceries. Why would I support something that would change that???

No I would never support a national sales tax!!!!!!!!!!
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Usually proposals include that certain necessities are not taxable. I would imagine that food would stay clear, but clothing is up for grabs. It is taxed here in Florida, probably because it's an often-purchased item with tourists. We also do not have a state income tax.
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IF a Nat’l Sales Tax was INSTEAD of an Income Tax (ok-maybe I’m dreaming), I’m all for it. Simply put, it seems so much more fair to me to be taxed on what you spend rather than how hard you work.

There are many, many people who work “under the table.†This would eliminate them getting off tax-free. Some of these people want to be back in a “normal†job, but are afraid of the IRS. The result is they keep their “under the table†job and continue to not pay taxes.

(WARNING: PERSONAL PART) I also have personal reasons for wanting this. I have been thinking about posting this for awhile, but it’s a tough subject for me, so… Please don’t anybody yell at me. When I was married, my husband had his own business. He didn’t file or pay taxes for years. I was working a regular job and had taxes taken out of my paycheck. I even claimed zero to help even it out. To make a long story short, we are making monthly installments to repay taxes. We have incurred hefty interest and penalties. Every time we make a payment, the balance only goes UP a little.

I would have not been part of this, but I was told I would need to itemize if he was. I had nothing to itemize, so I kept waiting for him. I could have filed a regular 1040, but then he COULDN’T itemize. I couldn’t do that to him.

In our payment plan agreement, we are each responsible for the debt. If one of us defaults, the other owes it ALL. The IRS will collect from the one most likely to pay. That would be me. I also cannot collect whatever my refund would be. Last year it was almost $800.00. It’s probably around the same amount this year, but I’m too depressed about it to check. I still claim zero in hopes that if my ex defaults, they will go a little easier on me.

I can't take the risk of owning property. If my ex defaults and I can't pay his half, they could seize anything I own over 6thousand something worth of property. Default includes failing to file. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I would surely appreciate it.

(Back to the original subject) – I do think if we went to a straight sales tax there should still be a plan for people with children, disabilities, etc. I’m not sure how that would work, but that’s only fair.
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Yikes. I used to work with a girl who was in the same boat. The IRS seized almost all of her paycheck to repay her husband's debt. They only kept a PO box so the IRS would not know where they lived. It's a scary thing to owe to the IRS. They pretty much stop at nothing. I am sorry you have to go through this.

And to clarify, I support a National Sales Tax if it were to replace income tax.
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