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OMG!!! Close call!

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My cats go out on the screen porch outside my bedroom all the time. I just glanced out the sliding glass door and saw Joey on the OUTSIDE of the porch! I knew the door was locked, so I couldn't figure out how he could have gotten out!

He was sniffing along the exterior of the porch, so I ran out and grabbed him. Upon closer inspection, I found that one of the screens has a tear along the bottom edge, and he must have squeezed out through it. When I brought him back in, he was sticking his nose in the same area. I am so relieved that I happened to look out there at that second. If he had wandered off, I do not know if I would even have thought that he was out.

Well, no more porch for my guys.
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Oh wow Deb. Lucky that you looked out when you did.
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Goodness! Thank god you saw him when you did!! Those kinds of things can be REALLY scary! Once when I was living at my parents over summer I came home one night to see Waffle on the front porsh pawing at the window!! I thought I was going to cry I was so freaked out.
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Oh Deb! How frightening! I am SO glad something made you look! I am relieved your boy is back safely inside!
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Scary... good thing you were able to catch him before he wandered off.
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Oh Joey - you scared Meowmy! Do you think he's done that before?
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Oh man! I'm so glad you looked out in time to see him!!!
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I like the summer but it makes me nervous because we have the windows open and one of the cats usually rips a corner ro one of the window screens. 2 summers ago 5 of the kitties got out a once that night!
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Thank goodness you saw him when you did. Not a good feeling I know......glad it all turned out ok Deb!
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Oh goodness Deb! Thank God you got your little boy in time!
Makes me rethink letting Eponine romp around on my 2nd-story screened porch....
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Oh Deb, I know it's scarey we have a 2 story house and for the longest time I wouldn't even open the windows with the window seats, I was afraid the cats would tear the screen and wind up on the roof lol. I have 4 cats inside but only one likes to go outside and they only way he does is on a leash everyday 2 times to walk around the retaining wall in the back yard
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When we moved from the farm our 17 to 19 year old cat tried to go back to the farm. She was missing for 3 weeks before she decided to meander back to the new home front. And of corse being farm people no tags on her.

We only use vets if they are sick.

When she was younger she would never use the cat box. One time my sister let her out to use the restroom and frogot to let her back in the house.

This was a very cold colorado winter and my dad had pronounced her dead and ordered me to burry her.

I tried but the ground was totally frozen. My dad was upset that it was taking me so long and he took a swap at the frozen groud. Ordered me to do a different job and tossed the cat on the pick up.

Well this was one of her lives because eventhough she was basically frozen stiff she dethawed and lived years and years more.

My mom use to say that everything happens for a reason. That belief is nieve and yet one of major faith. There is a relationship of someone here who may appear dead. Gals saying to move on and critizing me for giving Christian advice.

I don't know why God chose to heal my knee once. Didn't have major faith. Just figured if I had it prayed for that it would heal a week or two quicker. Perhpas that was enough faith. Or perhaps he knew I would have a big E-mouth years and years later. I don't know. I don't know what my cat did for 3 weeks of being M.I.A.
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That has got to be scary - We had just replaced the screens on the windows last year to those pet proof ones and Peedoodle LOVES to sleep at the window when it is warm.

Anyways, I go into the bedroom and for some reason, it seemed lighter - I saw that the screen was gone and on the ground. My first thought was PEEDOODLE!!!!!! I was close to tears and walking outside and calling his name and shaking his treat container, but he was hiding under the shed, I think his foray into the big bad world scared him!

I know just how you felt Deb!
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That's scary. I'm to the point that I inspect the "cat nets" every time I open a window, and do a "tug test" on the balcony nets at least once a week. We had screens when we first got Jamie, but he managed to wreck all of them over the course of about 4 months - hence the cat nets, which also aren't 100%.
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Glad you saw him!

I had a similar experience, eyars ago I came home from work, looked out on the back porch and noticed a siamese cat leaning up against the window. My first thought was "A stray siamese, that is odd, I have two siamese..... OH MY GOD IT IS BEAU!" We had left the windows open (screens in) and the kids (cats) must have knocked the screen out of the second story window. Poor baby was scared and sore.
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Originally Posted by jcat
That's scary. I'm to the point that I inspect the "cat nets" every time I open a window, and do a "tug test" on the balcony nets at least once a week. We had screens when we first got Jamie, but he managed to wreck all of them over the course of about 4 months - hence the cat nets, which also aren't 100%.

In the first apartment where I had Squirt only, he completely wrecked the screen on the sliding glass door. He used to hang off of it. I was so hesitant about even letting them on the porch when I first got the house, because I thought the same thing would happen. They have never once done it, though. I am not sure when this split occurred, but I'll bet Joey helped it along today by squeezing through it.
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Good thing you saw him and got him back in!
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wow.. very lucky! i sometimes have bad dreams about this same scenario - my Marsh getting out and just walking away. he's 100% indoor cat and doesn't even wear a collar, neiter is he chipped

I should really consider chipping.....
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Oh, how incredibly scary, Deb! Your heart must have just sunk with horror when you saw Joey outside, and even moreso now just thinking what could have happened! I'm so thankful you glanced out your door right when you did so you were able to return your little boy to safety!
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How scary!!

I know how you feel. My Princess can escape anything. I live on my grandparents property but in a different house and so do my parents. One day I was visiting my parents and the dog (Snickers) was outside. He came to the door really upset and was trying to tell us something. So I went outside and he walked me right to Princess. She let herself and Patsy out. Luckily Snickers came and got me before Princess and Patsy got brave and went near the street. We live on an 1 1/2 acres so they had a while before they got close to the street. Snickers was soooo proud to come tell us (and get Princess in trouble).
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