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Need {{{VIBES}}} Please!

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Hi everyone...

I just thought I would update you all on the job search... I think I told you that I've been interviewing for a position with a small tutoring company called StudySmart.... They tutor K-12 in academic studies and test preparation like the SAT's and ACT's... Well, I had 2 interviews last week that went very well... The first was with the Vice President of the company who explained the position I was interviewing for in depth... The position is Test Prep Manager so I would be responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and managing the part-time test prep tutors... That's the main responsibility but it's actually a very varied position...

I can't express to you how interested I am in this position... This is the first time I've been excited about a position in... well... ever... It seems perfect for me...and I really feel like I can bring a lot to the company! It's a chance at an actual career and not just a job that I hate going to but suffer thru it just for the money... I met with the Regional Director on Friday and we discussed the position a little further but the focus of that interview was to get an idea of how I deal with certain situations and again the interview went very well... The next step is to meet with the Director of the NY Division, the girl that I would be working with one-on-one in the office... She was on vacation last week but she'll be back this week and I'm waiting, not-so-patiently, for her phone call...

I sent both of the women that I interviewed with Thank you notes trying to express my interest and qualifications... I tried my best to say what I had to say without sounding like I was begging for a job... hopefully my sincerity came across... I can really use the {{{vibes}}} right about now...

Thanx in advance...

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Lots of {{{good luck}}} and {{{get the job}}} vibes coming from here in Alabama!
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Sounds like you've done everything right so far. Keeping everything crossed for you.
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Lots of good luck }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way from NW UK! I am sure you'll do great!
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Hope you get the job, Liza!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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Liza oh yes! I've been right where you are, SO BIG HUGE JOB SUCCESS VIBES TO YOU.~~
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Oh GOOD LUCK! Very classy move with the thank-you cards; definitely a step in the right direction
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Sending VIBES FROM WISCONSIN {{{{{{}}}}}}}}}{{{{{{{}}}}}}
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Lots of vibes from Missouri, good luck.
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good luck!
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Sending loads of vibes to you Liza - I hope you get that call soon and that the job is yours
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