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About to scream.....

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OH my gosh. I hate being in a fowl mood, but it's really hard not to today. I have been up since six and have been enjoying my early peaceful morning in happy chipper mood, but as I was in a hurry to drive to campus (about 15 mins ago) I got pulled over. I have never recieved a speeding ticket, I always manage to play to dumb innocent girl role and they usually just warn me.(not that I get pulled over every other day,lol) Well, I got one today. I was going 42 in a 30, and as soon as he came up to the car he started being a jerk , so I knew I wasnt getting out of it and didnt even try. As you all prob know, Im broke, so Im not sure how this ticket will handle it's self. That's not all, I could have gotten over that,,I get to campus and am driving around looking for a parking space and am having no luck when I spot a really tight fit. Both white lines of the space are completely visible but the car on either side is really, really close. I gage it and decide that it will be tight, but I can make it. So,, a little strategic maneuvering and I am squeezing in fine,,,well, the side view mirror of the car to my right caught MY sideview mirror and RIIPP,,,it ripped right off. It is dangling by a wire. Their car was fine thankfully. I cant afford to fix it, and that will prob lead to another ticket,,,grrrr. But what most worries me is facing Tony, because all of these incidents (speeding, mirror) are my fault, darnit. We dont have the resources for me to make these kinds of mistakes, and he is just going to be so frustrated at me. Does anyone know how much it costs to re-attach a mirror. The mirror itself is okay, but the part where it attaches at is all broke.) Also, how much do you guys think that the ticket will be?? Oh,, btw, as I finally find a good parking spot and get ready to get out to walk, it begins to rain, and it was sunny so I didnt have my umbrella. I really want to be in a good mood today,really. I dont have the energy it takes to be angry, but I just am so irritates, mostly with myself, that I cant help it. The situation is almost funny, like what happens in movies, bad thing after bad thing. This is the first day back from spring break for me and I had a lot of probs over the break. I got in a huge fight with my aunt over her children and my grandmother,,it,,well, lets just say it's been exhausting. Pheew, okay done griping, all of this just happened so I havent been able to speak to anyone yet but you guys,,,sorry.
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Stevie, girl I hope your day gets better. That is a crappy way to start the day. As for the speeding ticket, I think the cost differs by state. I do know that if you show up for your court date and the officer doesn't, your ticket will be dismissed. Also, I know this sounds bad but maybe you could duct tape your mirror back on until you can afford to get it done right. Just a thought.
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As far as your mirror goes, you might want to call AutoZone or somewhere like that and ask if they have some kind of glue for that purpose.
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Thankyou guys, I appreciate the advice. I will check for glue. Ya know what (beware, more griping follows..) I just found out that my class is now canceled. All that for nothing. Pooh.
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I don't have any advice on your ticket prices (yes, they can vary by state), but I can offer you lots of these:
Chickie, I am so sorry your day back to school has been such a stinker. My only advice is to get a quart of yummy ice cream, curl up with Conner, and veg out ASAP!!!
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Hubby did a boo-boo like that with my car's mirror (never let your husband drive your car!) and he put it back on with epoxy.
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Also make sure that the info on the ticket about your car is exactly correct as sometimes the ticket can be dismissed due to inaccurate information. Haven't pulled of a mirror but I did hit the garage backing out and chipped some of the plastic of-haven't got that fiexed yet though. Hope you day gets better!!
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Aw, poor you Sounds like you're having one of those days. Go back home asap and curl up with your kitty for lots of cuddles and you'll soon feel better
p.s. As an ex- student also, I'd probably go with duct taping your mirror on for now!
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Groan, it is Monday, isn't it? Hope your day gets better, and I too vote for cuddling with kitty and vegging out for a bit, it does help!
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What a day?! I hope it improves from here, especially with some Conner TLC!

I would recommend that for your mirror, maybe try either a glue or go to a salvage yard and see if there is a car the same as yours - you can buy parts cheap - then it should just pop on and require some simple wiring! I certainly wouldn't use duct tape as this will add more cost in the long run! (damage to body work etc)

Hope things get better as your week goes on!
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I know this probably sounds weird but I have always found that bad things happen when I am stressed - so I bet your difficult vacation has something to do with it. Our judgement gets a little sloppy when we are angry or sad or thinking evil thoughts, and we make mistakes. every (almost) accident of any kind that I have had has happened when stressed. I am just more careless.
So try and relax, light a scented candle and play some music and calm down, and htings will get better. Oh, and I got pulled over today too - the cop said I went through a red light - I didn't, it was just turning orange as I turned, but at the end of the month the police here are trying to make money. I played the stupid foreigner, pretended I couldn't understand anything, and he examined my documents, kept saying it would be a problem and then let me go!
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Sorry your day has been so rough hun! Definitely show up for your court date though. Like someone else mentioned, if the cop doesn't show up, then no ticket! Often they won't show either. I hope things get better. Take Amy's advice and just veg!
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well here in germany a speeding ticket is 30 euros.
We got pulled over a few weeks ago because BF wasnt WEARING his seat Belt and we were only going to the next store which wasnt even 100 metres.. but you see im a good girl and always wear my seat belt!

Dont ducktape your mirror, i mean seriously, do you want to end up on that MTV show?? Pimp my ride? If you have a friend or family that is a mechanic, ask them for advice and ask them if they can fix it for free.

If you go to a car dump place you might be lucky to find your car module and be able to take the mirrors for free.
My bf has been going to the dump places looking for the Sierra bumper.. because of our tight budgets too..
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thanks so much,, you are all so sweet. The day has progressively gotten better. I just wanted to say that I love you guys,,lol, you all dont just offer generic well wishes but genuine advice and I appreciate each and everyone of you for it! Friend and I went to see The Ring 2,,,super scary!!! I thought it was better than the first. Also, about the car, I took it in for a free estimate and with a new one it will be around 60$. This is by no means cheap for me in my current situation,,but I think I can swing it,,the ticket on the other hand, well, we shall see. Tony wasnt as furious as I thought he would be, although he was highly irritated,lol. He was also having a horrible day at work after having been on vacay for a week. They had left everything challenging or slightly confusing to pile up for him,,,so,, well, you know how it is. Jenny, you are right about the stress thing. I wish it was someone else's fault, it is much easier when blame lies elsewhere,, but when it's your own fault,,you just have to deal with it,,lol. Again, thanks guys,,, sorry it seems I never post lately except when I am having trouble. With out having my internet on at home, it makes it so difficult to have TCS time regularly,,I miss so much,,sob,,sob. Thankyou all, I will visit in the morning!!!
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Oh gosh sorry for your bad day, don't you wish we knew witch days to just sleep late or not get up at all,or just don't go ANY WHERE, I scraped the cart thing where you put the carts at the grocery store, and of course it was REDDDDDDD on my lunar mist Camray, kinda hard to hide that lol, but at least I won't get a ticket for that lol...
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Oh Stevie, hon, I'm sorry you had such a rotten start to your Monday, but I'm glad it got better.
As for self-inflicted car wounds, I gotcha beat: I was running late for my 8am class (on a MONDAY, of course) and stopped to turn right onto a main road. Looked right, looked left, saw a HUGE gap in oncoming traffic and tapped the gas to get into it. Only problem: the guy IN FRONT of me hadn't gone yet!!!! I demolished the passenger front fender, scraped the front pass. door beyond repair and scratched my rear pass. door on his steel bumper. AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! well, his truck was 10yrs older than my car (a 94), and he didn't look like he was in any position to have had insurance (not that there was any damage to his truck, but the cops would have asked for it) so I checked the door to see if it worked and off we went. My estimates came to $1750 - but if I ONLY fix the fender I can cut it to $900!!!

That was back in November, so needless to say I'm still rolling in what is now a beater-lookin' car but hopefully I'll be able to save enough money over the summer to get her fixed up. I have a friend that gets ALL of his spare parts from the local junkyard and he might be able to find the parts I need, IF that'll help reduce the bill. . .

Hope your Tues goes better.
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