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What is your tolerance level?

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What does it take for you to go to the doctor? I mean, Jerry has been sick since last Thursday. He really isn't any better today, but he went to work. I told him I'd see if I could get him into the doctor today (for antibiotics), but of course he said no, it'll go away by itself. Well, chances are he's right, but doesn't he want it to go away quicker? (((OR, IS HE JUST PLAYING IT UP AND PRETENDING HE IS STILL AS SICK SO I'LL BABY HIM SOMEMORE?)))
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ha maybe he is my bf does it all the time, because he never goes the doc's!
as for me, i dont mind going the doctors, i was just there last friday, they dont bother me, its dentists i cant stand
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Originally Posted by cazx01
ha maybe he is my bf does it all the time, because he never goes the doc's!
as for me, i dont mind going the doctors, i was just there last friday, they dont bother me, its dentists i cant stand
LOL, me too! Dentists! yuck! I have an appt this Wednesday at 8? Wanna come with me??
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Just takes a bit of a sniffle for me to get my butt to the doc's! I have a cute doctor and I try to nip illness in the bud before it gets so bad that I miss work.
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I don't go unless I'm so sick that I'm past going, unless hub gets tired of listening to me cough, sneeze and blow. funny thing about that? I want HIM to go as soon as he gets a sniffle!
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I'm nore like your husband. I almost have to be on the verge of dying before I go to the Doctor. I hate doctors and I'm terrified of them. I wouldn't go to the doctor for a cold. It will go away, and it's better for you not to take too many antibiotics anyway.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL, me too! Dentists! yuck! I have an appt this Wednesday at 8? Wanna come with me??
no way i dont even go there with my bf
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I try to avoid it at all costs - not because I'm scared of the Dr. but because my insurance sucks. Earl doesn't have insurance, so he doesn't go unless he's dying, but that more my imposition than his preference. He's a bit of a drama queen when it comes to being sick, so he ALWAYS wants to go! OK, he's not as bad as he used to be.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
What does it take for you to go to the doctor.
If I don't feel better after a month, then I start thinking about going to the doctor. After 1 or 2 days of thinking about it, I complain to anyone who'll listen. Then THEY take me to the doctor.
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It really depends on the problem for me. Over Christmas break I had strep throat and within 3 days of being sick I had gone to the doctor and gotten some antibiotics. When it comes to my throat I'm a big baby about being sick. Nothing makes me whinier than a messed up throat!!!

For most other things I won't go unless it's stayed for weeks on end. Recently I went to the doctor because I had been having severe pains in my back and was always finding it hard to stand up straight and also for my knees that had started to hurt very badly at any high impact exercise. It was about a month of the back pain before I gave up on it getting better and went and I don't even know how long with my knees. Turns out I damaged a rib on the right side of my back so that's why that was hurting, and as for my knee - all those years of dance had broken down a good portion of the cartiledge at those joints so my range of motion was not nearly as smooth as it should be. I don't have a problem with doctors, I just don't believe in going too much. Most things will clear up on their own is what I generally assume.
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Ouch, that sounds painful!
I try to leave it as long as poss before going to the doc, as I'm always worried about wasting their time.
My b/f doesnt go very often, unless it's something like an injury, then he STILL leaves it a few days!
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I don't go to the doctor unless I really need to. I will never go to a doctor for a cold or the flu, there is nothing they can do for you anyway. Way to many antibiotics are used and that is why we are developing so many "super germs" out in the world today. If a cold spreads to the lungs and I feel like it is not going away or if I have pain in my chest when I cough, then I say ok, this may need a doctor's treatment.
Nothing makes me whinier than a messed up throat!!!
I hear you on that one. I hate when my throat hurts!! Yes, this is one time i will get a doctor to take a look at me. If I have a bad soar throat that does not go away after 3 days or so, I go to the doctor. Strep is something you do not want to let go, it can be very serious.
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Cold or flu type thing - if it's not getting significantly better by 10 days I would go to the doctor. But it it's a virus - there's not a lot they can do anyway. Any cold or flu thing I get is always well on the way to recovery after 10 days so I never go for those things.

If it's something else mole or lump for example I'm there like a shot - even though I really hate going to the doctors.
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If YOU think he is really sick then I would try to make him go to the doctor. Waiting to long can be bad
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Just common sense. If it plateuas or gets worse, I go. But if it's obviously the flue or cold that will pass with normal symptoms, no I won't go. Eric never goes!!! He is a Jerry all the way!!!!!!!
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I will wait until I pass out or stop breathing. Literally!

I went to the doctor reluctantly cuz I knew something was up... I had had this fever of 103 or higher for a week, and a weird, painful hacking cough. Well doc boy checked me and said it was just bronchitis; gave me some antibiotics & sent me home.

5 days later I had to be rushed to the ER by my parents, cuz I was blue, couldn't focus, my legs felt noodly and my chest was in crushing pain. I had pneumonia, bad enuf to warrant 5 days in that stinking hospital.

I'll wait just as long next time, too, because like the doctor told me that first time when it was "just bronchitis", it'll go away and you'll be better, just rest. Yeah right...

If it's an issue dealing with female stuff however I go immediately... I do not mess around with that, plus my OBGYN is not a scary or stupid guy like the family practicioner is.

So anyways my tolerance level is pretty dang high, considering I endured that freaky fever & pain for 10 days before allowing my parents to drag my bum out of the house...
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I go if I have a fever, because then I know it's really serious. (I used to get Strep Throat all the time as a kid, and I never once had a fever with it.) So when I have even a slight fever, it means something is wrong.

I also go if I have a sinus infection, and I usually get once at least once a year. The presciption strength decongestant lasts the entire year, so when I get a cold or come down with the flu, I have some good medication on hand, so I never bother calling the doctor for the little stuff.

And since I have an ear infection, now I know not to wait if my ear starts hurting. No more Sunday ER trips for me.
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I usually get sick because I picked something up that the mommies brought to work.
I am prone to sinus infections/bronchitis either in May or November and am aware of the symptoms as if you I the wrong combination of OTC meds I can make it worse.
Unless of course I do something silly like break a bone (not toes) or slip and fall or something of that nature. I didn't even go to the doc for that!!

A tip to remember when your last tetnus shot was-I put a small sticker with the date on my driver's license as that is a easy place to remember!
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When I had insurance I would go more than now. I have several health problems that kind of make me go more often then I would like. The last doctors office I went to would blow off everything and that drove me crazy so I would have a tendency to put off going as long as possible. I was in a car accident and went in to the office and they didn't even touch me, order X-Rays, or nothing. Months later I still could hardly move and they acted like I'm crazy because I wasn't completely healed. I ended up in an urgent care (because they were to busy) and found out I had a herniated disc in my back. Even with proof something was wrong I was still treated like I was crazy and I had a hard time getting them to send me to see a specialist. One of the doctors in the office said they would send my records but I wasn't bad enough to go. 2 back surgeries later they finally changed their tune.
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Well I'm not a big baby, I will go I had to go last week My back was out, still is. I was hopeing for a fast fix 2 differant pills and a shot and nothing
Now the Hospital that's a differant thing, whatever I have better be able to treat it at home, They would have to drag me tie me down and dope me to the hilt, of course that's what I think about being put to death I don't see how anyone can walk to that room where they do it , noppers I would not walk, it wouldn't be dead man walking it would be dead man dragging
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There's an old saying in medicine: If you don't see a doctor for a cold, your cold will be gone in 7 days. If you do go to the doctor you cold will be gone in a week.
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