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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself
to the group. My name is Barbara
and I live in BC with my 9 cats and
1 SO. One of these cats was the
subject of a post to the health
forum regarding insomnia. He seems
to have recovered from that now
and is sleeping peacefully.

I'm an active member of our local
Humane Society and have been for
several years. We are a no-kill
operation without an actual shelter.
I have fostered and placed about 120
cats into permanent, loving homes
and I also look after a small group
of feral cats.

Needless to say, I love cats and I
look forward to getting to know the
other members in this group. I've
been on the net for a while and this
is the best laid out website I have
ever encountered. Kudos to those in

Have a great weekend.


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Welcome to the site!! Its a really awesome place! You've found a group of the most phenomenal people on the Net as far as I'm concerned. Not only do they love cats and are able to give sound advice, they are a really caring and funny group as well. I enjoy coming here to chat even when it doesn't pertain to cats!! Enjoy your time here, I'm sure you'll love it!
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BARB - it sound like you are a busy 'cat woman'. Welcome!!! and please post often about your adventures. I commend you for your efforts in helping those less fortunate.
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Welcome,welcome!! ONE thing tho...my lovely lady here is named Barbara also(aka Meme). So please point that out to any jealous Hubby/Bfriend. Wouldn't want my romancing misunderstood.:LOL: :LOL:
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Welcome Barbara

Ok I am the other Barbara that Kittyfoot was talking about. Sometimes he refers to me as Barb but my user name on here is Meme. Anyhow hope you enjoy yourself here and welcome.

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Welcome to the site!!! Its a great place and I gaurantee you'll love it!! Hope to see you posting often!!
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