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Special vibes for Target!

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Eric's mom in Oregon has a beautiful, 6 yr old tabby girl, named Target. She has dislocated her rear knee and her ACL area is totally in shambles. The knee has been fixed but the other parts are irreparable, save for a very, very expensive, questionable surgery. Eric's mom is a very wise and experienced kitty owner and will monitor the situation. We just found out about it tonight and it's very upsetting to me as I've spent lots of time with her, she's a sweet playful and smart kitty, and Target is making it through the best she can. We don't know how it happened, but she just came home dragging the leg. Target has been a great cousin to Sasha and was adopted as a stray by Eric's family. Here she is this past Fall in her yard.
Big Hugs for Target

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Oh Liz.... What a beautiful girl Target is.... I sure will keep her in my thoughts and prayer... I love her name also. Keep us update on this girl please
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What a beautiful kitty - I will keep her in my thoughts.
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So sorry to hear of Target's problems. Good vibes for her coming from here.
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Aaawwww, Target, you're just such a beautiful girl! Please feel better soon!
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(((((Mega healing vibes))))) on their way now for Target E
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Sorry to hear this E~ Target is a beautiful girl. It just seems like the world is no longer safe for cats to be outside. Inside there are dangers as well, but outside now holds more peril than ever before.
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Target, poor kitty, will be in my thoughts.
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