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Well, what do ya know! Finally, something in Seattle that is less expensive than the rest of the country (countries)! I have arcylic w/french tips that last for about 4-5 months. I get fills about every 2 weeks for $15. I've never had pain, infection, or any bother. I don't like a whole lot of color so she puts a sheer pink or coral over the white tips to tone them down and then a sealer with a slight pearlized tint. This makes them look softer,so they don't look like Stripper nails!
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I get "solar nails", it's kind of a cross between the acrylics and the gels. They use white powder on the tips and pink powder inside. Then they go over that with a "gel-like" substance. After that, they use some type of cream on the nails and buff them with a pad to make them really shine.

I really like this type because the tips stay white, and the nail does not turn yellow. It also keeps its shine and I can put polish on and take it off without removing the shine.

I pay $40 for a full set and $20 for a fill every 2-3 weeks.
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I have acrylics. I don't keep them too long and I get them filled every 3-3½ weeks.

I get the "forever french" acrylic, so there is no nail polish. The acrylic itself is placed over my real nails in two colors (pink and white) so it looks like a french manicure... the acrylic itself is what is pink and white. They use permanent clear top coat over the acrylic so they stay shiny. I got them because they are "no maintenance" other than the fills. When I was getting a color or the french manicure painted on, it was too much work to keep them looking good (I'm at a computer a lot for my job and recreation -- nail polish was chipping or rubbing off after just a few days).

These aren't mine, but this is what they look like... I keep mine just a tad shorter than this...

I pay about $30 for the fill-in because forever french nails take more time, so they are a little more expensive. And I live in NY where everything is more expensive

Catherine - don't you just LOVE the forever french? They are great because there is literally nothing you have to do to keep them looking good.
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Amy, that's exactly why I love them!!!! I guess not only is the cost different, so is the name of them! Boy, things sure do differ drastically from one coast to the other.

I guess we'd both have a culture shock if we ever traded places!
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Well Catherine, I do think the process is slightly different... there is no "gel like" substance when my nails get done... it's just like traditional acrylics, only two different colors that are laid on the nail. Then she does the oil on my cuticles and buffing, then the permanent clear shiny top coat.

One thing... anyone with acrylics, if you use the cuticle oil in between fill-ins it will keep the nails looking nicer. I use it every morning after I get out of the shower.
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Though I had long natural nails when I was younger, now I tend to keep my nails short and unpolished. When I do use polish, it's usually bright red to match my Vespa.
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