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My Birthday Girl Eviecat!

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Eviecat has now offically been with us for a year yet it feels so much longer. She is the love of our life and I don't know where we would be without her. She is so loving, affectionate, sweet and good natured cat you'll ever meet. And I am so glad i found her a year ago today and rescued her as i still to this day remember seeing her sad little face in this little cadge. And then when I came and gave her a cuddle and some attention her face brighted. The moment we saw her we knew she was the one...our little Girl Eviecat!

She is about 2 years 6 months, and we use this date as her birthday as we don't know her exact date due to her being a rescue cat.

Here is a photo of her just after we got her, and following it is a picture of her now *enjoy*

Todays date is the 20th March, and wow I still can't believe it was only one year ago today. We are going to spoil her rotten and we even have a few pressents for her as she is our special girl.

So feel free to send her some birthday wishes and I am sure later she'll come and have a look at the computer screen and see all your messages/photo's or whatever you want to leave her.

Lots of love

Her Mommy Eva, Daddy D and Molly xxx
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Aw Happy Gotcha Day Eviecat!
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Happy Birthday, Evie!

Very special wishes
for a Very special Kitty!

from your TCS Pals,
Emma, Mac & Grace
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YAY!!!! Happy Birthday Eviecat!!!
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Happy birthday pretty girl!

headbutts from me and Molly!
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Happy Birthday sweet Eviecat!
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Happy Birthday Eviecat!!!
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Happy Birthday little Eviecat
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Happy Birthday, Eviecat!!!

Enjoy your very special day!

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Hello, its eviecat here. Just wanted 2 say thank you for my birthday wishes. I had a lovely day and got lots of attention from my mommy and daddy and even my sister molly was lovely and played with me a lot. I even got some nice prezzies and some nice food treats. i like my mommy and daddy as they gave me some really nice stuff. I got a big hugh scratch poll thingy with lots of things to climb. am not to sure about it at the moment but will explore it later, i also got a cat radiator bed which i like, its nice and furry and warm.

my mommy and daddy gave me a cake with a candle, although i think they forgot i can't eat human cake or blow out a candle but it was pretty and I got a card/sign thing which I have asked my mommy to show you.

thanks again all my friends, I had a lovely birthday and can't weait for another day like this.

Headbutts and licks to you all

x Eviecat x

Here is the card we gave eviecat that she wants to show you all:

Sorry its so small but its the only way it would let us upload such a big file. Eva x
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awwww - Happy birthday eviecat - from Jessy and Villy. Villy's also a rescue cat. Eveiecat is lucky to have such a loving home.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL EVIECAT!!! Thank you for bringing your meowmy and daddy so much joy!!!
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Hooray Eviecat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from me and Waffle!!
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Oh, Eviecat, your card is so lovely! Your Mommy, Daddy, and Molly love you so much, and so do we!!! Sierra and I are so happy you had such a wonderful Birthday!
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Awwwwwwwwww, yay Eviecat!!!
Happy Belated Birthday
from me and my furbabies.

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