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Lumpy mattress

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Yesterday, I changed the bed linens. As you can see, I had assistance:

Good thing, my ex-Marine dad wasn't around. THIS bed would NEVER pass inspection!

(You'll just have t take my word for the fact that Buddy is under there.)
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Lol! I believe you that Buddy is under there... striking resemblance to Baylee.
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Why do they feel compelled to do this? I usually have THREE helpers! And if I make them move to quickly then the claws come out!!
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Thats funny!!! This always happens to me too!
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LOL!! They are just so compelled to help make beds aren't they?!?!? I had 7 help me one time - now I just sneak in the room and make it when they aren't looking.
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you can get them out to make the bed, mine want budge untill there ready.
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Rosie and Sophie can hear the clean sheets coming out of the cupboard and it takes me ages to make the bed
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Funny pic!
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Oh dear! I know exactly what you mean!!! While Jes & Miles show no interest in the finer points of housekeeping , Dudley loves to dive under each sheet & blanket as I fling it out over the bed!!! Hazel, the baby of the family, enjoys it even more, and finds other household duties, such as helping me sweep or water the plants, just as engaging!!!! You gotta love 'em!!!
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lol......... I remember when Garfield was under the covers in my bed.. I accidently laid on him because I thought it was one of my pillows.. Untill he meowed!! I felt sooo bad.... I bet I loved on him for about an hour!!! Now I always check what's under my covers before I get into bed.. lol
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very funny! i wish marsh would crawl under the covers, but he positively NOT into that
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