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recently spayed kitty

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My little Pearl was spayed 5 days ago. She has no fever, the incision site looks fine, but she is walking funny. She draws in like a person who is cold. I have never had a female cat, so I don't know if this is normal. She is eating and is doing everything but playing rough with the 3 boys. They seem to know she is not up to it and are being very sweet to her. Does anyone think I should be concerned?
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I'm no expert, but my female cat Fluffy didn't do this when she was spayed, nor any of my other females in the past. I'll leave it up to the experts though
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Just to be safe, you may want to discuss this with your vet to get his opinion on the way she is walking. I know male cats recover very quickly from being neutered. I don't know how long it takes a female to recover from being spayed.
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In my experience, it depends on the procedure. I havn't seen it much in young kittens, but more with older cats who have had litters of kittens. It seems to be much more extensive with them. I have seen them walk funny and thier tummy is sucked in quite a bit for a week and a half. You might just want to ask your vet for a follow up if she's not walking better by Monday.
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Thanks for the input! I have kept a close eye on her and she is walking normally and even running a little when she hears the food bowls rattle. She seems to be healing nicely. She has always been aloof, but ever since I brought her home after her surgery, she has wanted to be petted and has gotten on the couch for a cuddle twice. She never purred much before and now she sounds like a little fuzzy Kenworth. I hope this keeps up, she's just the right size for a lap kitty.
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Any kitty is a good lap accessory, no matter what the size I'm glad your kitty is feeling better. My kitty Loco is getting neutered in a few weeks, and I'm hoping all goes well with him.
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