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The Shadow and Finnegan Thread!

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I figured it was about time that I started a Shadow Jerome and Finnegan Diesel thread! Soooo here they are!!

Fin and Vin! hehe

They love my moms window.. They were watching a stray eat food that mom has been feeding.

My Nip head... Don't mind the blue glow of our reef tank lights at Johns.

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Awesome pictures! I love the one of the two of them at the window.
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Fin and Vin....too funny! Great pics!!!
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Great pictures - they're lovely kitties
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Yay they're so cute! Can't wait til we get to see more pictures! And I LOVE the name Finnegan... but I think you knew them already!
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Lovely cats!
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thank you! They're my favorite things to take pictures of. I have a whole data cd full! lol You may get sick of seeing them. I'm still waiting for them to cuddle though!! Poor Fin wants to cuddle but Shadow will have none of it! He sure is missing out cuz I LOVVVE Finnegan cuddling!
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They are both adorable, Finn is a cutie pie. I love the first pic, he looks so handsome.
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Terrific pictures! I think my faves are #1 & #4, but the on of both of them in window is great too!
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Thank you! I'll have to get some pictures when theyre playing together.. Its soooo funny. haha They run around like idiots and get into sooo much trouble!!!
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awwwwww, what great pictures! I love all of them and I can't wait for you to post more!
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Great pics!!!! I love the kitty at the window pic
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Great pics
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Finnegan & Shadow are very handsome. Cable sends her love to her Valentine, Finnegan Diesel!
{she made me keep a copy of the card he made her }
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hehe and he sends his love as well!! He's on the couch no doubt dreaming of her
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Those are sooooooooo cute!!! I love Vin! He is so gorgeous. I watch that movie fast and furious over and over. He he he
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Aw what a great thread idea! Lovely cats.
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Thank you I love my kitties!!!
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took these today of fin...

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And shadow!!

and both

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Fin & Shadow are both beautiful kitties. I love the pictures that you took today of Fin....
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Thanks he wasnt too sure about going onto the porch since we put a new pool liner in today and the vaccumes were making lots of noise out there... lol
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Cuties pics of Fin and Shadows Stacy! you´re a really artist!!
they are a good pals? I mean they don´t fight between theys?
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Thank you I do my best with the crappy camera I have..lol well shadow puts up with him.. lol they play a lot but sometimes the have spats mmm little fights if shadow doesnt want to play anymore and Fin isn't done... lol Shadow also will not cuddle with Fin and Fin loves to try to cuddle.. poor fin... lol
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Awww, your babies are cutie-pies! I too love the name Finnegan! I was wondering,,could I have them? lol.
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lol nooooo!!!!! ive worked too hard to get them! lol when i lost our last kitty,mighty, when i was in 3rd grade i begged and pleaded my mom to get another and she didnt give in until i got shadow in 2002!!! :-o
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Here are a few new pictures of Fin in our bed one morning. Im so glad to have my site back!!! lol I was so lost without being able to upload my new pictures!!! Enjoy!

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Lovely pictures! I'm so glad your website up and running again, it was strange not seeing your sig and your cats.

Finnegan look's reallllly comfortable in those last photo's!

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lol thanks! im so happy its up too! i was so lost without it.

he was very comfortable.. he loves our bed and his pillow.. lol He sleeps there everynight curled up to my head.
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How did I miss this thread?!! Stacy, Shadow and Finnegan are sooo adorable!!
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