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Danielle update #2...sigh

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Hi guys....
After getting over her Staph infection, eye infection, ear infection, and the Calicivirus, Danielle had to have surgery last week
to remove polyp buildup in both ears, due to chronic neglect before we got her. We just came back from a follow-up at the Vet, and her ears are healing nicely. Her eye infection is gone.

BUT, now we have to start the thyroid medicine. Given that only older cats get hyperthyroidism, it is probably true that Danielle is older than 5, as we were told when we adopted her. More likely 12 years old or thereabouts. This medicine she will be on for the rest of her life, or until we have a procedure done to correct it. We will do whatever is best as indicated by our Vet, or as the situation warrants.

So.... that is the latest.

P.S.... we are having the medicine made from a compounding pharmacy into a paste. We will give that a try.
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You know Val, I shudder to think how sick and unhappy poor little Danielle was before coming home with you. That poor baby. God bless you for taking her and caring for her in such a great manner. It sounds like a good idea to give her the paste, considering the trouble you all had with her and those blasted pills!
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Debra. thanks.

I hope she likes the taste of paste!!!!

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Latest Masterpiece "Cat with String"

Soon to be touring at a museum near you. :LOL:
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she is so lovely! I love tricolor cats... She reminds me so much of a cat I had when I was a girl called "Julia the red hair"....

Knowing that Danielle is so well taken care off makes me feel good...

I sure hope she likes the paste...

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Anne-Claire, thanks!

Paste.... HA!!

What we got was a suspension, with a dropper, and it was supposed to be chicken flavor, but smells and tastes like cherries!!! When we tried to give it to her, she acted like we were trying to kill her!!!

Seems there was a miscommunication between the pharmacist and the Vet... HHmmmmmmmm makes me wonder about the Vet.... OY

I had a talk with the pharmacist this morning, he said it was like cherries because it is the sweet kind of suspension, as opposed to the bland, and there IS chicken flavor in there... but I took a bit of a taste, and I don't taste any. Tomorrow I am getting delivered a salmon flavored chewie.... He assured me it WILL taste like salmon, because the production process is different that the liquid.

Lets see if my finiky feline will eat it...
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Funny thing...most cats don't like sweet anything. You will have to let us know if she likes the chicken better. In my experience, with the poultry flavored stuff, it has to be refridgerated and so they don't like the cold.
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I am having them make the chews in Salmon flavor instead of the original chicken.

Don't know if she will eat it, but worth a shot.
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Let me know how she does with these chews. I am curious to see how much the cats like them. Out of the 11 cats, none of them like medicine..go figure
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Hi all,

Sorry I have not had time to read the posts. My father-in-law is still in the hospital, and I have been very busy.

I stopped in to tell Sandie, and anyone else interested that I got the Salmon Flavored chewies with the Tapazole in them.

Well...to my nose they do smell like salmon. To Dani's nose....she has NO interest, although she will gobble up other treats or food....sigh... So, it is back to forcing it down her little throat. I hate this, but she just will not cooperate with taking meds in anyform.

Anyway, Sandie,....doesn't mean your cats would not like it. It is just that my little beastie is reaaaaaaaly particular. :LOL: :LOL:
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Well, I guess this particular one is not promising. I don't think Danielle is so picky, but is not stupid and knows it's gotta be medicine. I guess I will just have to face the fact that I will have to force everything down these guys!!!
I hope she is on her way to a very healthy happy days for a change! You have been such a breath of fresh air. It gives me hope that there are more people out there like you willing to put this time and energy into thier cat.
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AAWW thank you Sandie

Yes, I will do whatever I need to to take care of little Danifurrball.

She has brought so much joy into my and my husband's life.

I believe once you adopt a pet, you take on the responsiblity, just as if you had a child. Would you return a child who was sick???? But people look at pets differently. Some look at them as toys. Some look at them as family.

Dani is my baby. She is the fuzzy daughter I never had! :LOL: :LOL:
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Val - sending good thoughts your way and hoping your little Dani is well and your father inlaw is doing better and is home from the hospital! Have missed you around here lately.
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Originally posted by debra myers
Val - sending good thoughts your way and hoping your little Dani is well and your father inlaw is doing better and is home from the hospital! Have missed you around here lately.
Debra thanks!!

Yes I have been very, very busy. Father-in-law is coming home tomorrow, although he needs several followup appointments. His problems are not over, and my husband is very stressed, cause his father is very, very stubborn! OY
Dani is doing very well. She has more energy now. She is on her thyroid meds, and goes for her first blood test for levels next week.
I think her energy comes from the fact that we are not pinning her down anymore for eardrops and eye cream and horse pills.... (I have found a way to put the tiny thyroid pill in her, and reward with a treat. So far so good, not much resistance).

Also, perhaps her thyroid levels are becoming more normal, I don't know yet. But we just bought her a laser pen....she LOVES it! She chases that thing around like it is the greatest invention.....it is sooo good to see her happy like that.

Debra, thank you for saying you miss me...aawww ::blushing:: I hope to catch up on the postings soon, actually I have been reading a few here and there....

Hi to all, and I have not forgotten about the greatest cat site in the world!!!! :LOL:
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Val - I am glad to hear things are improved all the way around! WHEW!!! You sure have had more than your share of heartache this year.
We have a laser pen too and play "Magic Red Light"
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Debra, thanks.

Maybe I should be posting this in toys...but Dani LOVES the laser pen.

I have not seen her scurry about as I have with this amazing little red light :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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