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Anyone else having Trouble w/Cat Pages?

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I spent a great deal of time and energy creating 5 separate cat pages. For some reason the pictures that I uploaded are not appearing (someone elses cat is). I tried to reedit and resubmit, but the problem continues. I also tried e-mailing and sending a private message to Anne, but have not received a reply.

The cat page numbers are:
#922 - George - (pic # one is not correct)
#923 - Molly - (pics are fine)
#924 - Morrell (pics are fine)
#945 - Noah (pics are fine)
#926 - Bella (pics #1 and #2 are not correct)

I don't know who the little white/mixed colored kitten is (very cute) but not one of my babies.

If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Laurie, I'll move this to Feedback where the site Admins will see it sooner.
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Here is the kitten that appears on my cat pages (that does not belong to me).
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Heidi -

Thank you! I appreciate it
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Were these all created lately, or are they older?
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Thomas these were ones that I emailed you about, they are recent and this isn't the only one that this is happening to.
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I created them very recently, within the past month
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It is a problem we have definitely been having with the Cat Pages since the crash.
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To update you . . . .
I re-edited my Cat Pages once again (I think this is the 4th time now). I got the e-mail saying that they were approved.
To my dismay, they are still showing pictures of someone else's kitten. I think I give up.
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It was explained to me why this is happening, but Thomas will have to forgive me, because I did not quite understand the explanation. And he was in a hurry so he didn't elaborate. But here is what I believe to have been explained. There are photos already in the database for the cat pages that were sitting to be validated before the crash. These photos were numbered. We crashed, the pages went away, the photos did not. Now when someone adds a cat page, the program looks at the number the page is assigned, searches for the photo with that number and puts that photo there. I am sorry this is happening, and we are aware of it, just not quite sure how to fix it without a lot of expense.
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Hissy- You're explanation makes perfect sense. Perhaps "Thomas" or whoever is in charge of the programing for this site can reassign new numbers? Add a letter to make them different from the other ones that existed before the system crash?
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Label them B.C. (before crash!) sorry I just thought it was funny....
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