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Here's a question for you

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Bearing in mind there are now young kids on the board, what has been your worst date?
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I wish I had a good story! I've never had a really bad date. Just lots and lots of boring ones.
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never had one either. Married my high school sweethart, and then after we divorced I met David whom I married shortly after! Its been 7 years now, so dont' think dating is anywhere in my future anymore!!!
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How embarrassing........I was 14 and on a date with a guy who was friends with my brother. We were at the drive-in movies (am I dating myself here - they don't even have them any more) and when the 'big' moment came for a kisseroonie - he told me I had used WAY too much listerine and it was too medicine like. Wanted to die!
PS.no kiss either.....but then later on a few more dates later......
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My worst date was when I was 16 and went to a party with a boy I thought was such a hunk. He ignored me all night and was constantly dancing and talking with his old girlfriend. I finally asked a friend (boy) to take me home. I never spoke to this guy again and every time I saw him I acted like I didn't know he existed. He finally married that girl and they have several children. He didn't even apologize or anything. His loss and my gain because I finally found my true love and he is the greatest.
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I'm lucky to have never experienced a bad date as well! I met my Hubby in high school, we got engaged in my senior year and are still married seven years later Here's a little pic of my Hubby and I with our kids (its kinda crappy as its a still pic from a webcam)
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aww, Melissa that's a cute pic!

Ohhh, I remember my worst date. I think I was about 16. It was set up by my cousin (mistake #1). When he came to "pick me up" he decided he just wanted to hang out at my house. (mistake #2 -- booooring - there's nothing to do at my house! that's the point of going out on a date!) So, we sat and talked while the tv was on. I asked him if he wanted to go get a movie (he said no - mistake #3). Then we decided to go on the porch and talk while watching the sunset, a little better Then he tried to "flirt" with me by picking me up and holding me over a dumpster (there was a house being built in my court). When I told him to put me down, he was supposed to pretend to almost drop me, but I really did fall . . . right into the smelly dumpster!(BIG mistake #4) I had dirt and stuff all over me! I was sooo angry at him, and he didn't even offer to help me out (mistake #5), I did it by myself. I told him I wanted him to leave and he thought I was joking (mistake #6) and about ½ hour later, he realized he should go when I still wasn't speaking to him. What a jerk! And you know, the next day he called and asked if I wanted to hang out again --- what a loser! I never saw/talked to him after that. Besides that, we had like NOTHING in common at all and there were always those weird moments of silence.
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I realize that this is going to be a bit over the top- but it is the truth and it scared me from dating for a few years.

I was a sophmore in high school in Southern California and I got set up on a blind date. The guy met me at my house and we were going to go to Knotts Berry Farm and then to the beach. He was shorter than me, with myopic glasses and zits galore but I was no prize back then either with my cat woman glasses and besides I wanted to go to Knotts so we took off in this old ratty volkswagon bus. We got to Knotts and he walked me to the main gate, took one look at the price of admission, literally gasped and said (quite loudly) "That's a lot of money!" I was really embarassed, then he said that we could just walk outside the park and window shop, so that's what we did. I didn't have much money on me because in those days, guys paid for everything, even small gifts the girl might want to buy. So we walked around till he complained his feet hurt and he wanted to leave.

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt during that walk, he was visiting from the high desert and was into CB radios, and was kind of geeky and even a bit odd, but I was stuck with him several miles from my house, so I tried to make the best of it. We ended up back in his volkswagon and he started for the beach, but I asked him to just drop me off back home and that is when things got really ugly. He kind of changed from a geeky meek guy and he yelled at me and told me to lift the blanket up in the back of the van. I did and I saw a length of rope and some duct tape there. I asked him what that was for and he told me he was going to tie me up and take me to his place in the desert! We were at a stop light that had just turned green and I opened the door and bolted, he reached for me and all he got was my coat. I ran around some cars and into a McDonald's restaurant where the manager called the police for me. By the time the cops arrived Bob had vanished (the owner had tucked me away in the back his office till the cops arrived) I rode home in a cop car and shook for days afterwards. They tried to find this Bob character, but to my knowledge they never did find him and he hadn't committed a crime anyway, but I wonder sometime what happened to him?
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uh, that would turn me off dating as well!!!

You were so lucky that you didn't get hurt. Even if it was some sort of a prank (which it doesn't sound like it was) that is still over the top weird.
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ewwwww! that's so scary! I would have punched him right in the face! I'm glad you got away!!!! ewww!!!!
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