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Who's ready for lunch?

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I just made some chicken and veges....anyone care to join us?

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Pass some over to me!
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Susie, that looks delish! I'll be right over!!!
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Mmmmmmmmmm that looks REALLY good but I actually JUST had breakfast like half an hour ago. I ended up sleeping in really late. But man, that sure does look good!
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mmmmmm. that looks YUM! I am stuck at work on this fine Sunday (our school hosts a local church on Sunday so I am the building supervisor) and I am STARVING. Hopefully I can leave in the next 30 min. and make my own delicious lunch.
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looks delicious!
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I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh that looks soooooo good!

Would you share your recipe? My chicken never looks that "Golden"!
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I don't know Catherine......this is a secret recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation......

Yeah right...... It's a McCormick seasoning bag.....I think it said on the front something chicken....original chicken maybe? It was yummy!
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Looks yummy...we had our usual RM brunch
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Always someone who has to do a food post to make me hungry.

Oh well should be sleeping anyway.

I'm so addicted to these forums. One sig line I saw a few days ago. Save the earth it is the only planet with choclate(sp?)

Well off to get some choclate milk and hopefully some sleep.
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Mmmmm, Susie! How fast can you get some of that to the UK?!! I was just thinking of lunch and that would go down sooooooo well!
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I'll UPS it overnight Sarah! It's on it's way!!
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Great, Susie! I'll be waiting by the door drooling!
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