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I've been shopping

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Its just has to STOP!!!!
Tuesday was the Chicago Flower show, dwarf conifers, cactus, seeds, bulbs, costume jewlery. Wednesday my hair salon had there grand opening in their new location-shampoo, and blush. Plus a quick stop at the mall-a spring sweater. Thursday-only the butcher shop. Friday quick grocery run. Oh but Saturday back to the mall!!
Marshall fields was having a big sale- I got a purse, a necklace on sale and a funky wooden tray. Off to J. Jill to pick up a scarf on hold. (every expensive but really cool! ). Then Pottery Barn for more decorating stuff. And to William Sonoma-I resisted their expensive Easter Candy but on a quick bread mix. Then off to DSW-another purse (But it was marked down 80%!)
And not one but two pairs of shoes (I had coupons however!! )

I tried on some clothes but to chubby yet!!

Oops gotta go-Neil wants to go shopping for socks and underwear-is there more I can buy??????Hmmmmmmmmmmm
So that should take care of me for a while.
As penance I did a quick 32 minutes on treadmill. And this morning I cleaned out my hosery and underwear and socks drawer-NOPE-don't need any more of them.


Anyone else go shopping??????????????
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Oh yeah - Robinson's-May has a BIG designer shoe sale, right now. Yesterday, I came home $30 poorer, with a pair of leopard-print silk slingbacks. I DID pass on the purple rhinestone evening sandals, though - no place to wear them .

Bill needed to buy tools and we went to Sears, this morning. I checked out THEIR shoe sale. I can see why those shoes are on clearance - I wouldn't wear most of them to a dogfight. The leopard-print peep-toes WERE nice and only $11.99 but, not in my size.

The twins' birthday is next month and I get to shop for them, next payday!
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oh what im jealous!
im auctioning my old mobile phone just to get some money!
want to pass on some of that money??
glad yo have had loads of fun!
im going for my shopping in may !!!!!!
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Gail! That sounds more than fun....the flowers.....the Pottery Barn....the shoes....Chicago
I went shopping too! Yesterday in Maple Valley I bought a pair of denim slides at WalMart! I'm fainting from all the excitement.
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Can we count catalogs? I'm helping my friend Jennifer find a dress for her wedding and I've been e-mailing her links, from my catalog collection.
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Oh I so have the spring itch. On my list of things to find are some new pretty shoes (getting tired of my running shoe look); a turquoise handbag *drool*; and a yellow trench coat style jacket. Oh how I'd love to find a pair of funky rubber boots too!
Downside is that I'm STILL unemployed,
Upside is that my birthday is next month, so I can add these things to my birthday list, or use some birthday money to pay for it.
Glad you had fun on your shopping week!
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