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Sunday's Daily Thread--March 20, 2005

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Well, I figured I start this up again today, since I haven't seen one in awhile. But, I am not on here as much as I would like to be,....so I guess I really don't know if we had one about a week ago or not....ANYWAY!

Well, now that my Spring Break is coming to an end today, I'll go back to school tomorrow evening. I am glad for the break even though our weekend last weekend wasn't so perfect! I went to the Rodeo with my father-in-law, mom and stepfather yesterday to see Clint Black! What a performance! I love petting all the animals too...but I need to clean my shoes from stepping in some COW POO

Today, is up for grabs! I guess we'll do a little bit of grocery shopping along with buying some Spring clothes for myself!! I really need to get a nice dress for Easter Sunday!! Maybe I can convince Zack to take me shopping today!! Other than that, I think the sister-in-law will come over today and wash clothes and read my Cosmo magazine!

What are ya'll up to today?

Also, have a wonderful day and week if I am not back again til later!!
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Today is relaxing day for me. I cleaned my house yesterday & did some runnin' around. Have to run to PetSmart again cuz they are having a sale on this canned food that my cats love.

Going with my parents to view a trailer... they have a condo right now but can't stay there any more due to the steps. I knew it would be an issue. Mom can't do it anymore so they want something cheap & with no stairs.

Then after picking up my daughter, we're going back to their place for dinner. Dad stopped by yesterday & said he'd buy sushi for me! Dad is getting bored to tears now that he's retired, it's been a weird year for all of us so we're spending more time together.

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The usual Sunday stuff: Wal-Mart for cat food and jeans (can't have Bill going to work, with his butt showing). We also bought a new vacuum cleaner.

Grocery shopping was relatively painless - I only spent about $70 and we eat well.

Since I did laundry and litter boxes yesterday, I can read, snack and check in here, today.
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It has been a nice day so far. We had coffee together this morning and watched an online music show with one of our favorite bands, Webb Wilder and the Nash Vegans, and a Canadian guitarist that was just amazing. If anyone likes such things, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Show is the name of the show, and it is high quality production for free online. Scooter and Pepper seemed to really enjoy it, too.
I talked to my daughter for about an hour. Her pregnancy is going well, and we are so excited about her little girl's birth. May 2nd is the big day.
Now it's almost time for the race. Scooter and I watch races together. He loves it! He will sit and watch it even if I get bored (or Jeff Gordon gets the lead) and go do something else.
Have a good Sunday, y'all!
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We went out to breakfast, then I went to the Horse Expo and got some much-needed supplies, said hi to few people I know, and glanced in at Clinton Anderson as he was demonstrating loading a horse in a trailer. Then it was back home to a house screaming to be cleaned and horses needing the muck and mud scraped off them. Which is where I am headed right now, out to the pasture to give Racer's belly a bath in this new natural fly repellent I just bought. I hope it works.

Mike is finishing the electrical in the bedroom! YAY! Finally, then we will mud the walls and put the flooring down and the ceiling tiles up. Lots to do, not enough time to do it all in-
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It's a lovely day here in Emerald Isle, mid 60's, bright and sunny! The perfect first day of Spring! Just been trying to get a few things done around the house when I'm not hanging out here. There are families on both sides upstairs this weekend for the first time in quite some time. All of their noise is bothering Sierra. We have our 3 fans, ocean sound machine and soft music playing and we've had extra play and cuddle time. In a little while, we will try to go get a little nap before my night shift tonight. Hope everyone's having a great day!
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Well, today spent the morning stripping out my old laptop to take it back to the office tomorrow.

Caught up on emails and TCS stuff and talked to friends .

In between times hubby and I just chatting about nothing, the kitchen (it's a long story)!, the kitties etc.

Went to a kitchen store and collected daughter from the City where she spent the weekend.

Came back and relaxed with Lily whilst watching the Formula 1 race I recorded earlier.
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I've had a lazy sunday which is how i like it!

Watched repeats of comedy programs on UK Gold, then my neighbour Matt came in for a coffee and a chat, then i chatted on the phone to a friend before preparing my things for work tomorrow!.
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Went grocery shopping (OMG was out of wet food) and finished up a presentation for work. I'm now doing my best to avoid pulling out the taxes once again - they are about 1/2 done. I usually get money back, but for some reason have avoided doing them this year.

I've got 2 auctions ending in E-bay in the next 30 minutes that I'm monitoring - cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and selling off my old Revere Ware cookware. I love the last 10 minutes of an auction when the prices can double or triple.

Husband has a great pasta sauce cooking that is making my stomach growl.

OK Amy, get away from the computer and do those taxes NOW! :0
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Just trying to keep up with the sniffles. I don't know if it's a change in the weather or the cleaning we've been doing, but my sinuses are going NUTS today, and I'm so miserable.

NASCAR race just finished - great last lap pass for the win by Carl Edwards. Yesterday he won the Busch series race, the first time he won a NBS race - then today he won the Cup race too! It's always cool to see someone who was never expected to do that well to pull it out like that.

Trying to get motivated to do something else productive. Well, kinda productive. I've gotten inspired to do some cross stitching again so I've picked up one of my WIPs (work in progress) and have been working on that. It's called Bookends, if anyone is interested.
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Today has been a nice day. I managed to sleep in very late for me (1130) and then I worked my way to the Greyhound Pets of America of Greater Orlando and filled out all of my volunteer stuff. I got to pet some lovely greys and had a nice orientation over there! Once I got back from that I went out and layed by the pool as it is a GORGEOUS day here in Orlando, about 80 degrees F and sunny. So I tanned for a while and am now back here with TCS! My friend Steph is on her way over to show me some things she bought for a party, then it'll be a shower and finally cooking some dinner for Brendan and I (who will be here at about 8) and then settling in to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Desparate Housewives!!! YAY!
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Today was my day off. I spent it with the doors opened(shh don't tell Brad, it's still a little chilly) but the sun was shinning and I was enjoying spring cleaning and so I let the cats out on the porches(both enclosed, their only outdoor time, otherwise they are strictly indoors only) and cleaned up the house with out cats underfoot! I still have mounds of laundry to do though. but I got the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up. I still have to vacum and strip the bed, but I think that is going to have to wait because Brad comes home soon and is sick, So I know he'll be falling into bed when he gets home. I do so wish he'd go to the doctors. I pay $124.00 every two weeks for insurance at work for the both of us and he still won't go. So the point of my wasting my money is what again????? stubborn man!!! Gotta love'em!
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