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My new towel

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I had to share this kitty towel that I picked up. I think it's supposed to be a hand towel for the guest bath, but I don't want it hiding in there. Sorry it's big - I wanted you to see. Lizbeth was just walking away from staring at it. Those darn cats never cooperate with my photo sessions

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hey chris thats so cute i just love it
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Thanks, Rhonda - I found it at Kohls
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Chris, I LOVE it!! That's so cute!! I don't blame you for wanting to put it where everyone can see it!
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Oh Chris....both Petals and I love it!!!

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Look it's PETALS
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Aw how cute - both the towel and Petals!
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Chris i love it!!

Awwwww look at Petals
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That towel is so cute!!!
I think Petals is more addicted to TCS than Susie!!!
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Love the towel Chris...where can I get one?

I think Petals is trying to figure out who's tail that is? Georges???
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Look at Petals! too funny. Great towel, Chris!
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What a fantastic towel, Chris!
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I got that one at Kohls, Susie. It's Lizbeth's tail.
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Beautiful towel, nice pic.
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I like the towel I have a towel with cats hanging on my stove too
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would love a towel like that, and petals you are so clever.
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That's a great towel Chris
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Originally Posted by captiva
I got that one at Kohls, Susie. It's Lizbeth's tail.
Thanks Chris....I'm headed over there on my lunch horu sometime this week!
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Oh goody, we have Kohl's here maybe I'll get one, at least it won't be something were both wearing
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Petals' taste is almost as good as yours Chris!!
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