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Cut my hair after 45 years

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I did something yesterday that I haven't done in 45 years. Cut my hair on the short side. I was prepared to cut it even shorter, but the stylist talked me into this cut. My husband has always argued every time I talked about cutting it. Since he wants to go from a long, unkempt pony tail to a buzz cut, I told him it was only fair that I cut mine also. I feel 10 years younger already! The result:



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I like it! It must feel much lighter.
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It feels like they cut off about 10 pounds of hair - my hair is VERY thick and course. The stylist warned me that I might lose the headaches that I have been plaqued with for years. And I'm no longer living in the 70's.
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Good hair-do - there's nothing better for really giving your spirits a lift is there! It looks great
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It's so nice to see you! The haircut looks fabulous!!
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You look GREAT!!
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wow i have to admit THE new hairdo is a big WAW!!!!!!!
you look so much happier with the new hairstyle!
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I love it! Hope somebody donated your hair to Locks of Love.
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I considered that, but they only take 12 inches or longer here. She cut off about 6 inches before she washed it then another 3-4 after the shampoo. I kept the 6 inches and will try to donate it to someplace and if not, it will go outside for the birds to use for nesting. I just couldn't see all of my hair being swept away into the garbage can!! LOL
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Well, you look fantastic. Now that you've taken the 'big' step, it's easier to consider other styles down the road.
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Nice change Thanks for sharing.
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Well I think the change is beautiful. Long hair is a pain, some people just don't understand. Cutting it all off can be VERY liberating!

I donated a 15 inch ponytail 3 yrs ago to Locks of Love. It was so cool. My hair went from being down to my butt to touching my shoulders. It's growing back now and I'm going to lop it off probably December of this year. There's gals & women out there who need wigs & I have a hair farm.

Congrats, you look lovely!!! Updated. And you WILL get rid of the headaches & neck pains, trust me. Hair is heavy! Give it a few days and your back will thank you!

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Wow, Amy! Your new 'do is awesome!
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It is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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Congrats, Amy! Nice result. It's amove I've been contemplating for a loooooooooooooong time. As darkeyedgirl said, long hair is a pain -- the older the rest of the bod gets, the more pain! But, oh, what a leap!
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I finally went short after 22 years of long hair. I really like it. Hopefully I'll get pics soon!!!

I love your hair!!!! It looks alot lighter!!!
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I'm sure you not only feel 10 years younger, you actually look 10 years younger. Yeah, I could see the 70's bangs in the old pic - my mom had them for the longest time too.

I remember seeing photos of my parents from the 60's and 70's when they both had long hair - it's funny how changing your hairstyle can actually change your entire appearance.
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After many years of hair down to the middle of my back, I went to shoulder-length and now its collar-length. MUCH less trouble.

Yours looks good. Too-long hair draws one's face down and makes one look older. Who wants THAT? Occasionally, I miss my flowing locks but, there's a hardly-worn long blonde wig in the closet, for those times.
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Amy!, hand on heart it's took years off you!!

You'll find that it's very easy to manage as well.
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Fantastic, Amy! Congratulations on the new you!
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Wow I definitely like the new look! Glad you like it too!
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Your new look is terrific! The new style makes you look years younger.
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Very nice haircut, it looks very nice!
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Good for you!! Change is good.
You look great
I cut my hair twice in the past decade (was down to my waist at one point). I donated 14 inches to "Locks for Love" the first time, and another 10 inches the second time (just this past December). It's a good feeling. It will grow again.
It's also healthier for your hair.

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Bill donated HIS 12" ponytail, a few months ago. It was his first haircut, since 1967.
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Wow, your new hair style looks absolutely wonderful!!!
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Wow! What a huge difference! You look awesome!
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You guys are giving me a big smile today and giving me a big head (so to speak) with your compliments. More than anything I was hoping to take a few years off my looks and I think I may have done it!

I had to buy a hair straightener today. The perm is still on the last few inches and it looked bad with curly ends. So after a few hours of curls, I'm back to the straight look which is so much better. The cats will just have to deal with 10 less minutes of play in the morning while I straighten it until I can grow out the rest of the perm.

And I haven't gotten a headache today. I thought they were sinus but I'm beginning to suspect that all that weight on my head was doing it!

Doing the happy dance with a big grin on my face!
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wow, i really like it! congrats!
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I think that's a great look on you and you do look younger

I donated 12" length of hair to Locks of Love about 4 years ago and my husband did the same about 1.5 yr later. I've heard that LofL prefers 12+ lengths because they can do more with it (and all the girls want long hair) but they sometimes use shorter lengths for boys' wigs. You might still consider sending them your hair.
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