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Urine Stink & Neutering

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We got a new kitty... his name is Cosmo. He was a shelter rescue.

He was neutered yesterday (Friday)... we brought him home today. I scooped out the litter box a little while ago and boy, did his urine STINK!

Obviously I'll keep my eye on the stink factor cause I know it might mean a health issue... I also know unfixed males urine will smell pretty strong, which leads to my question.

If he was just neutered yesterday, might it take a few days for his urine to stop stinking -- or should it be immediate? I tried researching it online, but found no answers. You'de think I'd know the answer already since I've had a neutered male before, but Comere was already neutered quite a while when we got him, and was neutered as a kitten. Cosmo was neutered yesterday and the vet estimates he's 12-18 months old.

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It will take longer than a few days. You might try this in the meantime, there is a fragrance chamber with this unit and it is quite effective- www.citypet.com
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Thanks Hissy... looks like a promising little device and I may have to get one

You said longer than a few days -- on average, about how long? (just so I know)
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usually about a month or so, but the odor will slowly go down it won't be one day it stinks and the next it doesn't so you will notice a change sooner.
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Thanks for the info Petnurse -- good to know!

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Amy, having a male stud for my breeding program allows me to have the same problem as you are having ... the smell is absolutely horrible! What I do is this: I shred up a little newspaper and spray it with an odor eliminator (Odaban - I get it at Food Lion grocery stores) and after it is mostly dry, I use the Yesterday's News litter. The newspaper has a way of absorbing the odors. You may still have to change the box a lot more frequently, but it does help some. I feel for you. It is a terrible thing to walk into one's home and be assaulted with stud stink!

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Just an update -- his urine is no longer stinky -- it's been free and clear of stink since about Friday, so I'm very happy...

Thanks everyone for all the tips.

and MAN is he a DIGGER... he digs right down to the bottom of the litterbox before doing his business and likes to bury it WELL. Sometimes I have a hard time finding it!
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