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Tough Week, Better Weekend

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For those who didn't see my post in Crossing the Bridge, we had to have Comere put to sleep this past Tuesday. I love him so much, and miss him, after nearly 18 years with him by my side.

I thought I'd want to wait a while to get a new kitty, but my husband and daughter wanted to get one pretty much right away. On Tuesday night I said "we'll see" -- but as the week went on I was truly missing the presence of a fur-buddy in the house.

So on Thursday afternoon I started looking over at -- I wanted to give a young cat a nice new home... and I found a local rescue group with a listing for a "Russian Blue" that urgently needed saving from the shelter. I called them up and spoke to Lucille - she was amazing. After hearing my needs (a friendly cat, preferably under 3 years old but not a kitten, affectionate and good with older kids) she was so sure I'd like this handsome guy that she pulled him from the shelter on Friday -- had him neutered, vaccinated and tested (FIV and FL negative). Friday night he went to a foster home. The last puzzle piece was meeting him, which my husband, daughter and I did today.

What an awesome boy he is!

Nancy was the foster fur-mom and she went on and on how amazing he is, and I couldn't agree more. He is friendly... so friendly. Upon meeting us he immediately plopped down and rolled on his back. He loves to give kisses and head-butts. We were hooked. Nancy and I completed all the paperwork, I gave her my donation and we took our blue-boy home.

He was obviously a bit scared when we let him out of the carrier. After his ordeal through the shelter system, to the vet, then to a foster home, and now home with me, obviously he's a little unsure. He ventured around the house smelling and climbing and exploring... then resigned to hiding under the bed in my stepson's room. He stayed there a good part of the afternoon.

About two hours ago he came out... he was a little hesitant at first but then followed me into the living room. We bought one of those play fishing poles with a stuffed fish on the end... he LOVED it... was playing with it a good 20 minutes with my husband while I snapped some pictures...

Meet Cosmo!

The shelter vet estimates him at about 12-18 months old.
He is solid grey-blue like a Russian Blue, yellow eyes with a green ring around the pupil. We know he's not a full breed (which we wouldn't expect coming out of shelter) because he doesn't have pink feet pads -- they are charcoal grey. Also, his head is more the shape of a typical domestic... wider I think (though I'm no expert). Also, his tail has VERY faint stripes from about the 1/2 way point to the tip... like faint rings or SLIGHTLY darker grey.

He played for a while... I showed him his food... he drank some water... he lounged in the living room while we all petted him for a bit and now he's made his way into my bedroom and is hiding under the bed in there. We're trying not to smuther him too much while he adjusts. He's still a bit jumpy.

I think he is going to be a good fit for our family. I'm still, of course, sad over losing my beloved Comere, but my home is not complete without a kitty in it. Cosmo will never fill Comere's shoes, but he will wear his own -- and we will love him so much and give him a good home.
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Way to go- making room in your heart and your home for this needy fella-
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ps... update -- I was wrong... he's out from under our bed now and has made himself quite comfortable ON the bed

Thanks Hissy
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So sorry to hear of your loss first of all I rarely go into the bridge because it upsets me so much.

What a handsome boy Cosmo is!! He looks very settled in his new home so i can't wait to see more pictures of this little beauty!!
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Welcome to the Family, Cosmo!

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oh Amy I have tears in my eyes as I read this.

How wonderful for you and your family to have found Cosmo - he certainly sounds like he is going to fit in perfectly - do you believe in fate? maybe Comere directed you to Cosmo as he knew how perfect he would be for you and he didnt want to see you sad anymore.....

great photos and looking forward to many more
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I have felt the same way in the past. Although no other kitten can take the place of Comere, it does make the healing a little easier when you have the responsibility of making the new baby feel welcome. You are very lucky to find such a beautiful boy and visa versa , as he is very lucky to have found you

He's gorgeous.
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Here's another picture...

Thanks everyone -- and Huggles, I do believe everything happens for a reason. I know it was Comere's time, he had a good long life, and was well loved. I do like to believe that those on the other side help and guide us.
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Welcome to the TCS kitty family Cosmo... Comere is looking down from the Bridge smiling at his brother.
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Awww, Amy, I'm so sorry to hear of Comere's passing. I'm sure he had a part in bringing Cosmo to you. What a gorgeous, handsome boy he is!
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Welcome Cosma, you are such a handsome boy!!! I can't wait to see all the gorgeous pictures and hear all the wonerful stories about you!
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ohh cosmo! you look so cute, you even look pink! how lovely!
Im sorry about comere, ive had kitties pass away, and i know the feeling that none of the new ones can ever replace the other, but just fill our hearts with joy, being with us and making us happy
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This is what Comere would have wanted, for you and your family. Cosmo is so beautiful, and I know he'll fill that void in your heart.
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Thanks for all the great welcomes

One more picture for tonight...

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Amy, he's just beautiful!! Welcome to the family Cosmo! He looks like he just belongs with you in your home.

Nothing could ever replace your darling Comere, but Cosmo will definitely have a place just as big in your hearts.
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Amy - I'm so sorry to hear of your sadness this week. But Comere was clearly so loved and will always have a special place in your hearts. A new place has opened up now for Cosmos - there is no issue of stepping in to another's shoes, all kitties have their own special place .

Cosmo is simply wonderful. How wonderful that out of sadness comes such a heart-warming story. I hope you and your family enjoy many many happy times with Cosmo
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I know Comere is happy that you have a new fur baby to love, and I have tears in my eyes for you! Welcome, sweet Cosmos, to a loving home!
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Amy, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, and I hope that Cosmo is a comfort to you. He is so beautiful! And photogenic! Additionally, you take great pictures of him.

Best to you.
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He's a handsome boy!
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I'm sorry for your loss, Now you have a new very Beautiful boy to fill your Heart and take away some of your pain, he's Darling to. I Love those grey babies
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Welcome Cosmo! He's a handsome boy and it sounds like he likes his new home already

I'm sorry you lost your Comere
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What a handsome guy, welcome to the family.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
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I am sorry to here of your loss.

What a beautiful cat Cosmos is and so photogenic. I love the pictures congratulations on your new addition.

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Thanks again everyone -- he's laying on the couch right now making himself quite at home, being the little man his is (head resting on the remote) -- hehehehe
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