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LOL, ok...foam earplugs, great for fetching, wands of most any kind, lol, and when you get a package from fed ex, and you rip that zipper opening type thing? Those things once theyr'e ripped off, lol. Oh, and the little mice that are sold in stores, but the kind with the really soft fuzzy fur.
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Okay...tell me what is the cat dancer???????
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Lightning likes the following.

Crinkle Wand, Laser Pointer, my hand / forearm.
I'll move my hand quickly on the bed he looks at it then pounces on my arm.

Lightning has the cat dancer, that used to be his #1 toy but it is on the shelf for 2 weeks then it will come out again.
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My girl loves trying to get her Jingly ball out of a bamboo salad bowl and then sits in the bowl trying to get it back in. LOL
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Originally Posted by oava
Okay...tell me what is the cat dancer???????
Here you go:

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Snickers loves his catnip sock; he'll carry it around in his mouth, trilling & crying, and also drags it up to bed with him when he's ready to sleep.

Hammie goes bonkers over those little furry mice with the long tails, bought in packs of 6 or 12, at PetSmart. He chews the tails & drowns them; then, after I 'save' the mice from the water bowl & throw them around, he makes sure to bat them into a closet so he can open the closet doors and feel like the big bad mouse killer when he goes in and gets 'em.

Birdies... I have these tiger-striped, catnip filled ball things with feathers sticking out the top. Jessie and Dusty in particular, the girlies will walk around with the birdies in their mouths and CRY as though they just brought home dinner! Dusty gets REALLY into it; she will walk around with that thing in her mouth and just howl like mad. Then she'll drop the birdie & walk off like nothing happened.

Any type of ball is fair game at my house. My daughter has several of those tiny bouncy-balls that ya get from Kroger's little vending machines out front. Hammie finds them and plays with them til he passes out!

Zorro likes the laser pointer. Zorro's kinda big & clumsy, very slow moving. But when you get that laser pointer out? He is on a hunt to the death to kill the 'red bug'. He'll sit and stare at the wall where we turned the laser off, for hours it seems, waiting for the red bug to come back.

Any and all boxes are fair game, too.
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I didn't realize this thread was here so I posted another one called kitties and their toys - My Cats seem to like balls, paper, bags and Teddy bears.. YES teddy bears

In the treat I posted it shows Ricky with his teddy bear, its almost like he tries to sit like it too. I have the pictures there as well.
I love it.. Max he sleeps with a little stuffed lion and Titden has a big white polar bear that hugs a little bear. She loves it. I have it sitting on there cat house, she curls up in it, bats at it, licks it - you name it.

Buddy has a big pink stuff easterbunny that he loves he sleeps with that, needs it bats at it , licks it and more - then again he does the same thing to my big blue bathrob. hehehe

I never seen cats enjoy stuffies before but these guys sure seem too.
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